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24 Jun 2020

LexisNexis® Research Solutions Buyer’s Guide

The phrase “online legal research” means a lot of things to a lot of different attorneys. Given the breadth and scope of the legal profession, lawyers often rely on a mix of legal research tools and law research software to perform different tasks. For instance, some attorneys just need access to an online law library for their research, while other lawyers may want the insight that only legal analytics provides.

To help you understand what online legal research tools are out there (and which ones will help your law practice the most) we’ve developed this handy legal research solutions Buyers Guide for LexisNexis products. Simply click the links and you’ll get information on a specific online legal research tool.

LexisNexis Research Solutions Buyer’s Guide

For starters, what are you looking for?




General Online Legal Research

Lexis® and Lexis+™

It all starts with the Lexis service. With access to a massive online law library, it lets you pinpoint cases, codes, statutes and other valuable legal content with blazing-fast speed.

It’s packed with data-fueled search capabilities and powerful filters that help you quickly drill down into your legal research. Even better, Lexis features intuitive visual tools that really make it easy to find what you’re looking for. You can read about those visual tools here.

And to ensure you’re working with good law, Lexis Advance has the market-leading Shepard’s® Citations Service built right in. Shepard’s features helpful editorial analysis that uses intuitive symbols and colors to help you navigate your search results and zero-in on the cases that are the most helpful to your legal strategy. Learn more about Shepard’s Citations Service here

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For lawyers who want their legal research combined with vital practical guidance, brief analysis and data-driven insights, check out the groundbreaking Lexis+ service. It builds on the Lexis platform, offering more features and benefits in a single, integrated resource. Better still, the interface is clean and intuitive, helping you work faster than ever before.

While Lexis+ boasts a myriad of new capabilities, like the new Brief Analysis tool and Shepard's at Risk feature, it also enhances a lot of the resources Lexis users are already familiar with.

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Specialized Online Legal Research

When it comes to online legal research, one size doesn’t fit all. That’s because there are significant differences between jurisdictions, along with different legal practice areas that demand highly specialized resources.

The Lexis Advance® service boasts vital state-specific content. Dorsaneo for instance, is the go-to guide for Texas litigators, while attorneys in California can rely on Matthew Bender® Practice Guides. Talking with a LexisNexis consultant about your jurisdiction is a great way to learn about these specialized resources.

But specialized legal research isn’t just about where you practice. It’s also about what you practice.

To that end, LexisNexis has created some highly focused online legal research solutions tailored to specific practice areas. Here are four of the most popular:

Lexis® Tax

Designed for and by tax attorneys, this resource keeps you current with rapidly changing tax laws. It couples the search power of Lexis with a laser focus on tax law, covering the entire range of tax and related matters.

Click here to learn more about Lexis Tax

Lexis Product Liability Navigator™

Quickly assess the value and merit of your product liability case, then explore a trove of product liability content, including multi-district litigation, regulations, recalls and reports, case law, verdicts & settlements and expert witnesses.

Click here to learn more about Lexis Product Liability Navigator

Lexis Medical Navigator®

Read what the doctors read and master the medicine while you research the law. In addition to a library of medical and scientific journals, you also get access to a wealth of Netter images—a great way to understand and demonstrate complex medical issues.

Click here to learn more about Lexis Medical Navigator

Verdict & Settlement Analyzer

Is it worth it to pursue a case? See what awards similar cases have received (and how long it took to reach a decision) with this valuable resource. Once you start using it, you’ll likely find that this tool also helps you predict trends and improve your overall case assessment.

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These are only a handful of the specialized legal research tools that LexisNexis offers. And that doesn’t include the practice area-specific practical guidance that’s available through Lexis Practice Advisor either. Interested in practical guidance? Click here.

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Practical Guidance

Practical Guidance®

Want to quickly get up to speed on new or unfamiliar legal topics? Do you want to work faster, cover more ground and take on more cases? Well friend, that’s precisely why the folks at LexisNexis designed Practical Guidance®.

Whether you’re looking to stay current in your specialization or seeking to expand your expertise into other practice areas, Lexis Practice Advisor is packed with forms, practice notes, checklists and other valuable legal content that can help.

The material is sorted by practice area, so you can home-in on precisely the materials you need—it’s a great tool to help quickly build knowledge and prevent turning potential clients away.

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Analytics Insight

Though it may sound like far-off science fiction, the reality is that breakthroughs in big data are already giving lawyers powerful insight into their legal work. LexisNexis is at the forefront of this technology, giving attorneys capabilities that would’ve been unheard of just a few years ago. (If you’re not familiar with legal analytics, read this.)

Here are three LexisNexis resources that specifically leverage legal analytics to your advantage.


Conduct faster, deeper online legal research using the data-driven search technologies and intuitive visual tools found within the flagship online legal research service, Lexis. For instance, Lexis Answers™ can “understand” what you’re searching for and offer suggestions to help you along, while the intuitive Ravel™ View visualization tool helps you spot seminal cases and understand how seemingly disparate cases connect.

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Build stronger strategies, predict motion outcomes, vet experts—this powerful language analytics tool offers a host of powerful capabilities. It can scour millions of lines of text and pinpoint the most effective words and phrases to use in your argument. You can also explore an expert’s past court appearances to gauge their effectiveness for (or against) your case. By reviewing a judge’s past motion grant/denial rates, you can predict the likely outcome of your motion. Context even offers insight into which court has precedent most favorable to your view.

Click here for details on Context 

Verdict & Settlement Analyzer

Quickly determine if it makes financial sense to purse a case by reviewing a mammoth database of previous verdicts and settlements. Perhaps more importantly, you can see how long it took a specific case to reach a decision. Benchmark what awards similar cases have received and use this handy tool to predict trends and analyze patterns to improve your case assessment.

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Litigation/Case Organization

LexisNexis has created a series of litigation resources for courtroom attorneys, designed to help at virtually every stage of case development.

Lexis Advance® CourtLink®

Put your finger on the pulse of court activity with this powerful docket resource. Receive lightning-fast docket notifications and alerts, and then scour millions of dockets with a single search.

Click here for details on Lexis Advance CourtLink

The CaseMap® Suite

Comprised of four separate legal tools (available bundled together or separately), CaseMap Suite software can help you organize, visualize and strategize your case. Here are its four main case organization software components:


Complex case? Pull key facts together in a single place. From that holistic view, you can then plot out your strategy. Powerful visualization tools help you spot crucial links and reveal potentially hidden details. CaseMap also features an intuitive dashboard that helps you track case progress and collaborate within legal teams.


Case timelines are critical—yet they’re rarely straightforward. TimeMap software lets you build a clear, concise chronicle of events almost automatically, incorporating key dates, people and places. Then you can easily convert that timeline into powerful visual aid when it’s time to present your case.


Ever had to sort through hundred pages of testimony to find a critical detail? You’ll definitely appreciate TextMap. Manage transcripts and depositions with ease and link them with their audio/video counterparts. Then quickly search and pinpoint what you need.


An argument is only as strong as its delivery. Sanction software helps you tie all of your key case details, timelines, multimedia elements and testimony into a polished, compelling presentation—for a fraction of the cost of hiring a professional designer.

Click here for details on each tool in the CaseMap Suite

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Legal Drafting Help

Lexis® for Microsoft® Office

Legal drafting is a core part of pretty much every lawyer’s job—problem is, it’s very, very time consuming. That’s why you’ll probably dig Lexis® for Microsoft® Office.

It packs a veritable toolbox of legal drafting aids into a single, familiar platform. The software integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Outlook®, Microsoft Word and Office 365® to give you powerful editing, proofing and analysis capabilities.

Create a table of authorities in minutes? Check. Quickly validate sources? Double-check. You’ll save time while producing stronger documents with this all-in-one legal drafting aid.  

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