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4 Oct 2019 Download

Product Spotlight: Lexis® CourtLink®

You rely on court dockets, complaints and other vital court records to fuel your legal strategy. That’s why having Lexis CourtLink supplying docket coverage data can be a powerful asset for your law firm.

Put simply, Lexis CourtLink plugs you into the industry’s largest collection of dockets and documents—millions upon millions of them, with thousands more added each week.* 

Powerful Court Records Search

CourtLink is loaded with helpful tools to help you sift through all of those court cases and court records. Its powerful court records search helps you comb across a wide range of court records, ranging from federal and circuit courts, to probate and small claims courts.

You can search by litigant, attorney, judge and more, and run a court record search to find specific dockets by docket number.

Work faster by recalling your search history—Lexis CourtLink will save your searches, viewed documents, downloads and more for up to 90 days.

Monitor the Court Schedule

Better still, you can set alerts and tracks to keep tabs on a case as it progresses through the court schedule. That way, you can monitor the court calendar for specific parties and cases that may impact your clients later.

You can receive alerts daily or even hourly on new events as they unfold to ensure you’re staying abreast of breaking court developments. Lexis CourtLink also allows you to easily share the news as well to ensure you’re able to keep your clients informed.

CourtLink v. PACER

A lot of attorneys rely on PACER, Public Access to Court Electronic Records. While this is certainly a cost-effective solution, there is a significant gap in coverage that you should be aware of when you compare the two.

CourtLink provides full-docket coverage of well over 1,000 state courts. PACER doesn’t offer any state coverage.*

Missing that valuable state court coverage is a pretty big deal when you want to perform thorough legal research. You don’t have to worry about that when using CourtLink.

But that coverage is only one of the benefits that CourtLink offers—for instance, you can use CourtLink to analyze the profiles for litigants, opposing counsel, judges, natures of suit and courts.

Watch a CourtLink® Webinar

See Lexis CourtLink in action with an in-depth webinar recording that dives into the nuances of the service. It also includes a Q&A session from lawyers and other legal professionals.

Watch it now.