LexisNexis Announces Launch of Lexis+ AI Commercial Preview in France, Most Comprehensive Global Legal Generative AI Solution

March 12, 2024

ParisLexisNexis Legal & Professional, a leading global provider of legal information and analytics, announces the launch in France of the commercial preview of its solution Lexis+ AI™. Since its deployment in the United States, this Generative AI solution has been a revolution: professional users are already seeing time savings of 11 hours every week. Grounded in the largest repository of accurate and exclusive legal content, Lexis+ AI combines the power of generative AI with proprietary LexisNexis search technology and authoritative content. It also opens up promising prospects in terms of preventing legal risks and improving lawyer productivity.

For several years, LexisNexis has relied on Artificial Intelligence, including natural language processing and large language models (LLM). Every year, RELX, owner of LexisNexis, spends $1.7 billion on technology. For over a year, more than 2,000 engineers, data scientists and legal experts have been working with large language model developers and cloud providers to maximize the benefits of generative AI, while ensuring legal certainty and reliability to preserve the proper functioning of justice and the rule of law.

LexisNexis France is presenting in commercial preview a solution that combines powerful generative AI with the excellence of legal content. Lexis+ AI will be based on a database of 25 million documents for France, covering all areas of French law, including primary sources (case law data, legislation, regulations) but also the doctrinal and practical content developed by LexisNexis.

“LexisNexis France is proud to announce the launch of Lexis+ AI, which will maximize the possibilities associated with conversational AI without compromising the standards of reliability, data protection and ethics expected by legal professionals. Based on feedback from users in the United States, numerous engineers, legal experts and content verifiers have been mobilized to offer, in record time, a solution available for all areas of French law, drawing on the richest corpus of documentation on the market. With the associated significant productivity gains, this solution offers exciting prospects for improving the working methods of legal and justice professionals, and creating new economic outlets,” says Eric Bonnet-Maes, CEO of LexisNexis CEMEA.

The French version of Lexis+ AI will transform the daily lives of legal professionals, in particular by:

  • Improving legal conversational search, while providing reliable and verifiable answers derived from continuously updated LexisNexis content.
  • The production of case law summaries offering a clear and concise synthesis.
  • The ability to summarize or ask questions about legal documents provided by the user, in compliance with the highest standards of encryption, confidentiality and data protection.
  • Generative document drafting guides customers throughout the legal drafting process, generating a first draft of a legal document (clauses, customer e-mails, legal notes), adapted to the format and tone required by professionals.

“Lexis+ AI’s technological architecture leverages the market’s best standards in Large Language Models, augmented by the excellence of LexisNexis content. This enables Lexis+ AI to formulate precise, reliable and up-to-date legal answers, citing their sources and exploiting all the richness and diversity of our content, whatever the legal subject,” explains Mathieu Balzarini, Chief Product Officer of LexisNexis CEMEA.

In line with the RELX Responsible AI Principles, LexisNexis is responsibly developing legal AI solutions with human oversight and is committed to preventing the accentuation of discriminatory biases. The company’s commitment to data security and privacy in the legal industry spans more than 50 years.

The solution is already generating a great deal of interest among our customers, including LPA-CGR Avocats, Pacifica-Crédit Agricole Assurances and notary Me Jean René Morani, who see Lexis+ AI as having a significant impact on their productivity and file management.

As part of the launch of Lexis+ AI, LexisNexis France is also inviting legal professionals to take part in the Lexis+ AI Insider Program, designed to educate and inform about generative AI. Interested parties can register via the following link: https://www.lexisnexis.fr/intelligence-artificielle/insider-ai.


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