LexisNexis Announces Market Standards Data-Driven Practical Guidance

October 05, 2020

Market Standards in Practical Guidance Provides M&A Attorneys with Essential Data and Critical Edge in Drafting and Negotiating 

NEW YORK – LexisNexis® Legal & Professional, a leading global provider of information and analytics, today announced the launch of Market Standards in Practical Guidance, a  database of publicly filed transactions with powerful search capabilities. Launching with coverage of Mergers & Acquisitions, Market Standards enables M&A attorneys to search and compare transactions using detailed deal points, easily find precedent language, and see deal point and transactional trends with data visualizations. Market Standards advances LexisNexis as the leader in data-driven practical guidance.  

Market Standards is a complete, detailed and intuitive tool for researching M&A deal points, language, and trends.                    

  • Market Standards has 6x more deals than other offerings, with over 33,000 deals from the last ten years. This coverage enables thorough analysis of recent trends in deal points such as reps and warranties insurance coverage (including retention amounts and who pays premiums), and #MeToo/Weinstein representations.
  • Market Standards is 2x more detailed than other offerings, with analysis of up to 150 deal points per transaction. This detail allows lawyers to compare transactions using pinpoint deal data like termination fee triggers, carveouts from control of litigation in third party claims, and knowledge qualifiers in 10b-5 representations.
  • Market Standards’ interactive charts bring deal data to life and help attorneys quickly see trends and patterns, such as what percentage of deals have reverse termination fee provisions.

Providing analysis of new deals within 48 hours, Market Standards is also 3x faster than other offerings. A highly skilled team working with advanced technology makes this possible, by reviewing deal documents from SEC filings to identify and structure information about standard and highly negotiated deal points. 

“Understanding current standards and trends for M&A deal points and easily accessing highly relevant language gives attorneys an edge when drafting and negotiating. Market Standards is a uniquely powerful tool for M&A attorneys,” says Sean Fitzpatrick, CEO, LexisNexis North America. “Market Standards provides the detail and analytics that M&A attorneys and research professionals need to make the most informed decisions.” 

“We believe the future of practical guidance is data-driven. We’ve started with M&A and will be expanding Market Standards to other practice areas in the coming months,” says Daniel Lewis, Vice President of Practical Guidance. “We’ll also be launching a number of new, exclusive features that advance data-driven practical guidance.”  

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