LexisNexis Launches CaseMap Cloud for Enhanced Matter and Case Management

February 01, 2022

Redesigned suite of three market-leading products now in one cloud-based solution for better collaboration, organization, efficiency and deeper case insights

NEW YORK – LexisNexis Legal & Professional®, a leading global provider of information and analytics, today announced the official launch of CaseMap Cloud, a new cloud-based fact management and case analysis solution that helps attorneys easily organize case documents and craft case strategy for presenting a compelling case story. CaseMap Cloud seamlessly integrates three award-winning applications – CaseMap, TextMap and TimeMap – into one cloud-based solution for unparalleled organization, collaboration, knowledge management and strategic matter and case management. 

Keeping track of facts, documents, issues, people and important details can be a challenge even on a relatively straightforward case. CaseMap Cloud lets lawyers, paralegals and litigators pull all their facts together in a single place, giving them a holistic view of the entire case to help build a strong legal strategy. Being able to organize, analyze and interact with all the elements in the case in one location enables legal teams to work faster, smarter and more efficiently by allowing quick access to vital documents and other critical case details.

“Whether in large, small or corporate law, litigation is often very detailed and complex, and legal teams need efficiencies, insights and sharing capabilities to be successful,” said Sean Fitzpatrick, CEO, LexisNexis North America, UK & Ireland. “CaseMap Cloud creates order from chaos, allowing legal teams to build winning case strategies with greater efficiency and cost savings, and gain a competitive advantage.”

CaseMap Cloud offers the same suite of trusted case and matter management applications that thousands of attorneys rely on to help formulate stronger legal strategies. Now, those applications have been seamlessly integrated and enhanced with the ‘anytime – anywhere’ access, data security, redundancy, and cost effectiveness of the cloud.

Some of the many new features and benefits of CaseMap Cloud include:

  • Platform Agnostic: Connect anywhere you can run a browser.
  • Intuitive & Interactive Dashboard: See the way your case is shaping up quickly on the dashboard. You can also identify missing source files or case facts that still need substantiation.
  • Fact Management: Import, search, organize and analyze facts, documents, and unsubstantiated facts in your case. Manage facts from intake through settlement or trial and see connections that might have otherwise been missed.
  • Lexis Research & Shepard Signals Integration: Easily send caselaw research directly to CaseMap Cloud – and intrinsically know whether it is “good law” or not – without switching application windows.
  • Entity Recognition: Quickly identify connections when new facts are added to your case, and automatically link information together to save time connecting the dots.
  • Auto Timeline: Automatically arrange new data into the correct chronological order as you input new information on your timeline. Easily display your case chronology, which reveals any gaps and transforms your timeline into a powerful visual aid for presentation during the case.
  • Transcript Management: Manage, search and play video while the transcript follows along in sync. Annotate or cull key transcript messages, link exhibits, and crate reports for strategic analysis.
  • Issue Management: Quickly develop a visual hierarchy of claims, counterclaims and any other known arguments.

In addition, CaseMap Cloud’s powerful searching, filtering and sorting capabilities leverage extensive metadata to quickly pinpoint the information or documents you need without multiple searches. Its Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology automatically ingests documents and data, which saves time and labor, and makes them immediately available for searching and analysis. Users can also view and annotate documents and share information among colleagues from within the CaseMap Cloud application.

For additional information about CaseMap Cloud, please visit www.lexisnexis.com/en-us/products/casemap.page.

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