LexisNexis Launches Nexis for Competitive Intelligence

June 02, 2021

NEW YORK  – LexisNexis Legal & Professional, a leading global provider of information and analytics, has launched Nexis® for Competitive Intelligence to empower strategy, market research, R&D and investment decisions. The end-to-end solution allows users to instantly search, compare and analyze key business indicators—such as company, news, legal, M&A and intellectual property information—to spot trends, visualize how the competition stacks up and share key findings with stakeholders.

See Nexis for Competitive Intelligence in action here: video demo.

 “Nexis for Competitive Intelligence streamlines and consolidates several parts of our research process into one, easy-to-use tool,” said Evan Cook, director at political and corporate research firm, Jones Mandel. “Not only does it make my research more efficient, but the breadth of information it offers helps generate new insights I might not have found otherwise.”

The Tool Your Competitors Hope You Don’t Have

This new platform brings together the world-leading content customers expect from LexisNexis, insights business professionals need to do their jobs, and visibility into the marketplace. It allows CI professionals to instantly compare six companies at once, across a wealth of content and hard-to-find information: news, company data, patent & IP, legal news and more. Users can:

  • Quickly spot market, technology, and M&A trends, then dive deeper for more understanding.
  • Uncover business-critical indicators—such as financial reporting, IP news, marketing highlights and more—with just a few clicks.
  • Visualize company comparisons and competitive insights through interactive, easily exported charts and graphs.
  • Snip, pin and annotate important information, quotes and callouts to add critical context.
  • Organize their findings into a narrative with actionable insights to share with stakeholders.


“Nexis for Competitive Intelligence is the research and analysis tool your competitors hope you don’t have. It is the only competitive intelligence platform that allows professionals to immediately see a side-by-side comparison, perform deep research that they can save and use later, and build some of that analysis into their workflow,” explained Todd Larsen, president of Nexis Solutions. “By investing in this space, we’re making it much easier for our customers to get the answers and insights they’re looking for.”


Search. Compare. Pin. Share.*

Users start their CI journey with a simple search function, not unlike the world’s most popular search engines. But that’s where the similarities end. With just a few clicks, users can run a comprehensive, interactive comparison of industry trends, financial reporting, intellectual property news, company facts and much more. They can then store all their results in workspaces—Nexis refers to them as pinboards—to access and update in real-time as needed.

“I’m most excited about our pinboard functionality. It allows customers to save and store the information they need, then call up everything they’ve discovered, instantly,” Larsen shared. “In doing this, we’re really speeding up our customers’ workflows and making the value of Nexis much stronger for competitive intelligence professionals.”

Manon van der Velde, vice president of product at Nexis Solutions, noted Nexis for Competitive Intelligence was created directly from LexisNexis customer feedback. The company collaborated with a global panel of strategists, consultants and competitive intelligence analysts to identify the workflow that business professionals follow and develop key features to work with those existing frameworks.

“As a result, we’re able to offer a platform that is more than just a place to aggregate content or organize findings,” she said. “From trend spotting to deep investigation to sharing key findings with your stakeholders, Nexis for Competitive Intelligence complements every step of a user’s existing competitive intelligence process.”

For more information about Nexis for Competitive Intelligence, or to request a demo, visit lexisnexis.com/get-ahead.


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