Social Analytics

What is social analytics?

Social analytics is the practice of collecting information and feedback about your company from online social media sources, and structuring and evaluating this material to gain meaningful insights into how the public perceives your company.

Powerful social analytics tools can comb through and analyse social networking sites, including Facebook and Twitter; business networking services, such as LinkedIn; and blogs and online forums. More technical offerings can incorporate other valuable features, such as:

  • intuitive and easy-to-use dashboards
  • image recognition within photo- and video-sharing sites, so you can identify when someone has used your logo – or that of a competitor – in a social media post
  • real-time alerts that can notify you of any emerging crises and viral posts

Social analytics enable you to track a number of key metrics, including:

  • demographics
  • geography
  • channel
  • sentiment
  • engagement
  • mentions
  • reach
  • volume of authors

What’s more, you can uncover the key themes, hashtags, emojis, celebrities and events that have been mentioned alongside your brand.

Insights gleaned from social analytics can help determine how your organisation reacts and interacts with customers and potential customers on social media. They allow you to be more customer-centric and personalised in your dealings with your audience.

Using social analytics is a great way for your business to:

  • identify influencers that can support your brand’s growth
  • proactively manage a crisis
  • engage your consumers
  • track the ROI of a campaign
  • run competitive intelligence.

Further, armed with these insights, you can then make more confident and data-driven business decisions.

Nexis® Social Analytics

With Nexis® Social Analytics, our powerful social data intelligence platform, you can listen – in real time – to online social media conversations about your organisation, your brand, your products, your competitors and other topics relevant to your industry.

Social Analytics is a media-monitoring and social-listening tool that lets you quickly and easily analyse billions of social media posts and conversations. By doing so, you can track your brand, manage problems, measure campaign effectiveness and ROI, and gain significant insight into your online audience. With it, you can also identify and follow trends, understand where your audience and customers are coming from, and compare your performance across different social media networks. What’s more, you can monitor and measure the effect that social influencers and media mentions have on your website traffic.

The tool’s social media reporting capability enables you to draw attention both to successes and to areas that may need improvement. Reports also allow you to quickly and easily share important insights across your organisation.

Nexis® Social Analytics draws on a number of analytics tools to deliver insights, including:

  • image recognition
  • virality mapping
  • geolocation tagging
  • sentiment analysis
  • hashtag tracking

Plus, it scours more than 10 social networks and 150 million websites.

Equipped with these meaningful social insights, you can make more intelligent decisions for your organisation.

Nexis Newsdesk

Our flagship and award-winning media monitoring solution, Nexis Newsdesk, also helps you stay in the know about the social media buzz surrounding your business. It lets you monitor in near-real time what people are saying about your organisation, your brand and your competitors across a number of online outlets, including:

  • Twitter, Facebook and YouTube
  • thought-leadership blogs
  • podcasts
  • photo- and video-sharing sites
  • industry forums
  • premium print, web and broadcast news

Given the never-ending stream of information flowing from today’s social media channels, effective social listening can be a challenge. Nexis Newsdesk rises to the challenge and empowers you to uncover valuable social insights so you can make intelligent, informed decisions for your organisation.

Plus, Nexis Newsdesk adds approximately 2.3 million social media posts every day. With access to these online conversations, you’re in a stronger position to quickly and proactively participate and respond to your audience.

With Nexis Newsdesk, you can use powerful filters to customise searches around relevant keywords and topics of interest to your organisation. What’s more, tailored alerts and newsletters keep you up to date on the latest news.

Given the rising importance of social media in today’s business landscape, if you’re not employing social analytics, you’re missing out on some key insights and, in turn, opportunities. Nexis Newsdesk delivers invaluable social insights so you can make intelligent, more informed decisions for your organisation.

Nexis Media Intelligence Research & Analytics (MIRA)

Nexis MIRA is a service that powerfully combines media metrics with human expertise and analysis. It provides you with comprehensive customised media analytics reports so you can share authoritative insights with your organisation and its stakeholders. MIRA gives you a closer look at how your company and brand perform online, so you can use this information to make more informed decisions and further your business objectives.

MIRA grants you access to:

  • bespoke reports to help you identify what matters most to your business
  • expert, multilingual and sector-specific in-house analysts
  • advanced technologies that gather the insights that are most relevant to your organisation

MIRA takes you beyond standard metrics so you can gain a deeper understanding of where your strengths, weaknesses and opportunities lie. Our research and in-house experts can also help you identify emerging trends, as well as brand influencers and advocates.

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