Nexis® Social Analytics

Powered by Talkwalker, is a Social Media monitoring and Analytics tool to help you take more informed decisions for your brand.

Drive your social performance with our superior social media analytics tool

Mix with Google Analytics

See from which network people are coming to your website and monitor how effective your efforts are on different social networks

Monitor influencer impact

See what impact an influencer or media mention has on your website traffic, view the traffic channel over time widget side-by-side with mentions over time.

Run social listening reports

Hear what's being said about your brand, products, and campaigns across global social networks & discover global social media coverage across approximately 100 languages. Leverage social conversations to better understand your brand positioning.

Benefits and other functions of Nexis Social Analytics

Measure the success of campaigns

A range of social KPIs enable you to set meaningful targets for your campaigns. Identify important campaign metrics in real time. Get reports quickly and easily with the reporting functions of Nexis Social Analytics.

Insights into your target group

Reach more of your target group with important information about the preferences of your audience. With a deeper understanding of your customers’ wishes you can reduce the risks associated with a new product or campaign. Engage your target group in dialogue by speaking their language.

Comparison with the competition

Identify social best practices in your market by measuring relevant social KPIs. Compare your performance with the industry standard. Determine the level of brand awareness in your market by measuring your share of voice.

Improve the customer experience

Identify weaknesses and customer difficulties by analyzing the discussions and customer comments in social networks and public forums. Improve your customer service on social networks by using filters and tags to sort customer feedback. Use social KPIs for sentiment analysis to compare your social customer support.

Know your customers’ behavior

Tailor your brand message to customer needs by learning what drives your customers’ mood Use sentiment and emotion analysis to refine your brand message and measure success. Leverage data on social trends to develop products that your customers want.

Monitor and tackle potential crises

Be forewarned of potential crises in real time. Monitor negative comments about your brand. Prevent a crisis going viral by using Virality Map to keep track of things.

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