Social Media Intelligence

What is social media intelligence?

Social media intelligence, which builds on the concepts of social listening and social media reporting, is the ability of an organisation to look at social media data, draw conclusions from it, and turn that data into actionable insights. Based on these insights, companies can then make more informed, intelligent business decisions.

Social media intelligence encompasses tools and software that enable companies to proactively monitor social channels and conversations for information, and to analyse and synthesise this data in a meaningful way.

Social listening and analysis tools enable organisations to:

  • assess conversations about their brand, competitors or products
  • identify influencers and engagement levels
  • evaluate the success of particular social media campaigns
  • gauge image use and logo placement across social media platforms
  • track virality of hashtags or social posts across platforms

Why is social media intelligence important?

With real-time social media monitoring, you never have to miss a conversation about your brand, products or competitors. You can identify patterns, follow trends, assess performance gaps and even track return on investment of your campaigns.

Effective social media reporting allows you to measure the success of social media campaigns, highlight successes and areas worthy of attention, and share insights quickly and easily across your organisation with those that matter most.

An invaluable tool in today’s increasingly digital and data-driven landscape, social media intelligence empowers you to maximise the true potential of your social media data by delivering genuine, real-time insights.

Nexis® Social Analytics

Looking to make the most of your social media presence? Nexis® Social Analytics, our powerful social media intelligence platform, can help. The platform goes beyond social listening and social media reporting to provide the deep insights into what’s going on on social media for your organisation, brand, products, people and competitors, so you can make the important decisions about what to do next.

Social Analytics lets you quickly and easily analyse roughly 10 social networks, 150 million websites and billions of social media posts and conversations. It enables you to:

  • monitor your brand
  • manage problems
  • measure campaign effectiveness and return on investment (ROI)
  • better understand your online audience, including who your customers are and where they’re coming from
  • pinpoint and follow trends
  • compare your performance across different social media networks
  • track and measure the impact of social influencers and media mentions on your website traffic

And, if you’re time-poor or short on resources to do an in-depth analysis of your social media data yourself, Nexis® Social Analytics can do it for you – and produce a report that’s meaningful to you and shareable within your organisation and with stakeholders. The tool’s reporting capability can highlight successes as well as areas on which you may need to improve.

Nexis® Social Analytics leverages a number of analytics tools to provide you with insights, including image recognition, geolocation tagging, virality mapping, sentiment analysis and hashtag tracking.

With Social Analytics, you can

  • compare your organisation’s social media performance with that of your competitors as well as against the industry standard
  • better understand your customers’ behaviour by using sentiment and emotion analysis to strengthen your messaging and measure success and using data on social trends to develop products your customers want
  • improve your customers’ experience by analysing customer comments and conversations to identify and address their pain points
  • monitor negative sentiment and potential crises and prevent a crisis from going viral using the built-in virality map
  • deliver the right content at the right time to the right audience
  • pinpoint emerging industry trends by looking back at data over the past couple of years, analysing what drives positive sentiment and networking with powerful influencers
  • target the right influencers to amplify your messaging
  • make the most of keyword research for effective, tailored campaigns
  • protect your online reputation by responding proactively to negative social media comments

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