FAQs for Lexis Red™

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General FAQs - About Lexis Red™

What is Lexis Red™?

Lexis Red™ is an application which enables you to access our content digitally. The first offering available via this application are our trusted LexisNexis looseleaf services. Content can be downloaded to a chosen device - tablet, PC or laptop. Your looseleaf will then receive automatic updates via a content delivery system when you are online.

Where was Lexis Red™ developed?

Lexis Red™ was developed by LexisNexis Pacific to meet the growing need of our customer for portable, digital content. Our customers in Australia and New Zealand have been enjoying the benefits the Lexis Red brings for a number of years, and we are delighted to now be offering the same great product to our Hong Kong customers.

What content is included in Lexis Red™?

Our existing looseleaf services will be the first content set made available digitally via Lexis Red™. A full list of titles can be seen here.

How do I purchase content to be used with Lexis Red™?

Please contact your Account Manager or fill in the contact form as below.

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E-mail: marketing.hk@lexisnexis.com
Telephone number: +852 2179 7888