Patent Research

Efficient patent search and patent development for new inventions

State of the art analysis

If you are working on a new invention, you should check the  state of the art and existing patents in good time before investing a lot of time in developing a product. Only by checking a patent register to ensure that your invention has not yet been officially registered , for example , can you reduce the risk of unnecessarily working on a development that already exists.

A prior-art search helps to differentiate your own invention from existing patents and to explain the differences that justify the new patent in the patent application . With a well-founded patent search, you can assess the chances of success of a patent application in advance and at the same time prevent the risk of infringing third-party property rights.

International Patent Research

When researching patents, you face the challenge that you cannot limit yourself to the regional or national market, but also have to include the worldwide patent applications. The German Patent and Trademark Office is not only responsible for patent protection in Germany. For patent research, for example in Germany, Europe, the USA or China, you need access to a wide variety of offices and organizations. Comprehensive patent databases provide you with information on patents from all over the world under one surface.


German Patent and Trademark Office


United States Patent and Trademark Office


World Intellectual Property Organization


European Patent Office


Chinese Patent Office

Professional Patent Database

Unlike a patent search in the free search engines like Google, a professional patent database how can LexisNexis ® Total Patent One ™ help you quickly find the information you need patent professionals. The patent database search offers a number of advantages, including:

Access to 100 patent offices via one platform

Narrowing the search results to relevant hits using a Boolean search

Insight into historical patent documents in digitized form

With a patent research tool , you can make your patent processing faster and more efficient. The databases are always up to date and new publications are added at short notice.
Alternatively, you can integrate raw patent data into your own systems via Nexis® Data Integration .

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