Stay Alert with Customizable Adverse News Feeds

Nexis® Metabase Adverse Media Feed enables greater visibility
into negative news that could impact your business

Nexis® Metabase Adverse Media Feed

The Value

Nexis® Data as a Service offers a customizable adverse news feed that helps companies:

  • Monitor adverse news to gain a competitive advantage with event-driven insights that offer a holistic view of the business environment.
  • Capture a comprehensive perspective of adverse events from sources around the world, helping organizations with a global footprint understand potential issues, wherever it appears.
  • Support the relentless need for organizations to stay ahead of events to manage reputational, financial, and strategic risks.
  • Tailor the adverse news feed to align to an individual organization’s unique needs and considerations.
The Benefits

Our customizable adverse news feed allows entities to break through the noise. The adverse news feed puts the power back into the hands of professionals, enabling them to add, discard and change their monitoring criteria dynamically to meet evolving needs and concerns.

  • Access easy-to-customize low, medium and high adverse media templates*. Each template consists of an index of pre-populated adverse search terms. Companies can tailor and recreate these templates to reflect their specific adverse monitoring needs.
  • Different geographical regions provide for a variety of perceptions of business-threats. Being able to further customize the adverse media feed templates helps address cultural and geographical differences.
  • Industry-specific challenges and negative trends are often difficult to trace and identify in global adverse media-monitoring tools. Tailoring them to the requirements of different industries and entities allows for a more precise business data analysis.
  • Select between multiple languages, providing extensive opportunities for tuning the adverse media feeds to different regions.

Why Customizable Adverse News Feeds Matter

AI and big data are symbiotic: the more data you have, the more intelligent your AI and the richer, more accurate insights you can access.

  • Precise adverse media monitoring supports ongoing risk-mitigation.
  • The opportunity to determine what adverse news consists of and which languages have to be considered gives companies a tailor-made result.
  • In comparison to other solutions, our customizable adverse news feed provides increased independence and allows for a more in-depth and relevant view of events.

Facts and Figures

Nexis® Metabase Adverse Media Feed is fueled by:

3.5 Million 

Articles per day


New Sources


Descriptive Metadata Added


Unique Topics (subjects and industries)

Facts and Figures

Nexis® Metabase Adverse Media Feed is fueled by:


A source universe offering controlled volume and a wide variety of datasets to meet diverse uses.


Flexible Bulk, RESTful and controlled content APIs deliver normalized, semi-structured data at the volume and velocity needed for big data applications.


Smart data, organized and enriched through a combination of expert human curation, advanced analytics and topic tags, for greater veracity.


A partner with 45+ years of aggregating content, plus patents in clustering and machine learning, for dependable value.

With an unmatched global content collection enhanced through normalization and metadata enrichments, Nexis Data as a Service (DaaS) delivers the highly relevant, archival and current data organizations require for a broad range of artificial intelligence applications.

Nexis Data as a Service offers access to data via a variety of application programming interfaces, including Search and Retrieve, Bulk and Constant Call APIs.

Push predictive analytics performance to the next level

Predictive analytics models are only as good as the data that goes into them. When your data sample is too small, your models may be influenced too heavily by anomalies, which can skew results.

Our ever-expanding dataverse goes back 45+ years, connecting you to petabytes of semi-structured, normalized, and enriched text-based data suitable for a wide variety of business and academic research use cases.

  • News data including print, broadcast, and web sources for AI-driven analysis of political, social, economic, and business topics
  • Industry, market, and company data including financial reports, corporate hierarchies, M&A activity and more
  • Legal data spanning U.S. and International legal cases, regulatory agency decisions, and compliance-related content like PEPs, sanctions, and law enforcement watchlists
  • Patents, newswires, and press releases for fueling innovation and uncovering critical competitive intelligence.
  • Magazines and trade journals covering industry drivers, consumer trends, and company events
Data can be delivered through a range of flexible APIs—Bulk, Search and Retrieve, Constant Call—so that you can move ahead with training machine learning algorithms and realizing measurable value from predictive analytics.

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