TimeMap® timeline graphing software helps you transform case facts into high quality visual timelines in seconds – no graphic expertise required! Use TimeMap for more impact at trials or to help you visually understand, analyze and communicate the facts in your case.

  • Select from over 30 pre-set templates or apply your own styles, giving you the freedom to change your mind with one mouse click.
  • Switch dates, add photos and make many other changes in one step, and the entire timeline is automatically revised. Only TimeMap offers this level of flexibility, automation and ease of use.
  • Send pre-generated sets of facts from CaseMap software, and a host of other programs to TimeMap, keeping facts in synch and data entry to a minimum.
  • Powerful Send-to-Microsoft® PowerPoint® options allow you to quickly develop slide shows with separate slides for each fact in the timeline. A built-in PDF writer generates PDFs of timeline graphs for clients to review.

What's New in TimeMap 5
TimeMap helps you transform facts in your case into a visual timeline of events in minutes--no graphic expertise required! Quickly bring the events in your case into clear focus with TimeMap 5. A new Spreadsheet View, find-and-replace feature, expanded image capabilities and improved date display tools give you unmatched flexibility, ease of use and control.  Watch the demo. 

Introduction to CaseMap and TimeMap
This webinar is primarily an overview of CaseMap, the flagship case analysis tool. You'll see numerous examples of practical and polished work product including TimeMap timelines created in seconds with our timeline graphing tool. Learn how CaseMap integrates with over 30 litigation support tools. CaseMap makes organizing, analyzing, understanding, reporting and presenting the facts, cast of characters, documents, and issues in any case easier than ever before.  Watch the demo.

Request a Demo of TimeMap
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TimeMap Fundamentals - TimeMap4

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TimeMap in 20 Minutes

TimeMap 5 - Find out what's new in TimeMap 5!

CaseMap Suite Overview - the integrated CaseMap suite and Sanction litigation presentation software gives you tools to help focus and streamline your workflow. The suite includes: CaseMap case analysis software, TextMap transcript management software, TimeMap timeline graphing software, NoteMap outlining software and Sanction litigation presentation software.

The CaseMap Suite and Sanction Client FYI newsletter gives you access to product news and tips and tricks.  Read the newsletter.  


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