Anti-money laundering, anti-bribery and corruption, modern slavery—companies face a growing number of regulations that tackle unethical or criminal actions taken by—or on behalf of—companies. Compliance in such a complex, global business landscape requires greater visibility into risk potential. Vetting customers, partners, suppliers and other third parties can be a time-consuming process, especially if you have limited staff and lack fast access to reliable sources of information. And that’s just a start.

Putting together the risk management puzzle

LexisNexis® recognizes that compliance screening represents just one step in a broader due diligence process to mitigate risk. Safeguarding your company—from a compliance violation or supply chain disruption—requires a strategic approach supported by the right solutions. We offer flexible, modular set of solutions aligned to a risk-based, due diligence workflow:

Screening & Assessment

  • BatchNameCheck— Automate your screening process against critical global watch lists, sanctions and PEP databases, as well as negative news.
  • Diligence Spotter—Evaluate, monitor and measure risk continuously.

Due Diligence & Investigation

  • Lexis Diligence®— Use in-depth research to vet and monitor third parties, and maintain a clear audit trail of your due diligence efforts.
  • IntegraCheck® | Integrity Due Diligence— Address elevated risk with outsourced, localized background checks, analysis and reporting through our partnership with The Red Flag Group®.
  • Compliance Advisory Services— Receive guidance on compliance strategy implementation and risk assessment.

Ongoing Monitoring

  • Media Monitoring Solutions— Monitor and analyze global media to uncover negative news and emerging trends that could indicate risk.
  • BatchNameCheck— Conduct on-going batch screening of new and existing third parties.
  • Diligence Spotter— Assess risk daily to spot red flags in near real-time so you can escalate your due diligence as needed.

In addition, you can take advantage of LexisNexis content integration to augment your existing systems with valuable news and due diligence sources.

Download our process overview to learn more about LexisNexis® due diligence and monitoring solutions and how they fit into your workflow.

A Proactive Approach to Entity Screening

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