Conducting business in a global landscape means you need to stay alert to a much broader range of national and international sanctions programs and watch lists to understand if individuals or entities you rely on pose a compliance risk. As you well know, regulators can impose fines, debarments—or pursue criminal prosecution—for breaches of sanctions, anti-money laundering or anti-bribery and corruption legislation. And those aren’t the only penalties you face if your compliance screening falls short. Reputational damage—and the resulting financial fall-out—as well as increased scrutiny into your company going forward can hamstring growth. Are you confident that your due diligence process mitigates risk effectively?

Conduct sanctions screenings against up-to-date lists

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BatchNameCheck easily integrates with your existing systems behind your firewall and allows you to run your contacts against a wide range of sanctions and watch lists, including:

  • EU and UN sanctions
  • U.S. OFAC
  • UK HM Treasury
  • Swiss SECO
  • Interpol ‘most wanted’ list
  • Global PEPs

The result? You realize improved protection through streamlined entity screening against lists that are updated daily. In addition, a built-in fuzzy name matching algorithm reduces false positives.

You can also choose to integrate Lexis Diligence® to seamlessly escalate due diligence research when the batch screening surfaces a potential risk.

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A Proactive Approach to Entity Screening

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