Lexis® CLE

Never stop learning.

Lexis® CLE courses are interactive, engaging, relevant, and can be customized for your organization.

Make the time spent on CLE credit requirements more useful to your attorneys and to your organization. The curriculum covers topics for corporate legal departments, law firms, and government entities. Plus, it can be tailored specifically to your organization’s needs.

Customized for your organization
  • Hot topics
  • Specific to your work setting
  • Focuses on your jurisdiction(s) and practice areas
  • Includes Specialty and Ethics credits
  • Option to create courses exclusively for your organization
Engaging presentations
  • Presenters are subject matter experts as well as engaging presenters
  • Innovative presentation styles
Interactive sessions
  • Designed specifically for Web learning
  • A narrator guides participants
  • 7-minute scenes focused on three learning objectives
  • Trivia or fun facts included every 15 minutes
High-quality course materials
  • Developed specifically for the course
  • Useful as a later reference
Optional live sessions provided by LexisNexis consultant

Easy-to-use eLearning platform
  • No programs to install
  • Built-in help and customer support
  • Certificates available immediately upon course completion with special codes and validation for reporting
Lexis® CLE offers customized courses that are tailored for your organization and include exclusive content.

Course content is customized to your needs.

Engaging & Interactive
Interactive modules are designed for the web to engage the user and enhance the learning experience

Useful Course Materials
Professional, high quality learning guides available for each and every course offered
How often do you add new courses?
The Lexis® CLE team will collaborate with you to add new topics, courses and updates based on your specific needs.

Do we have to install special software or hardware to access the courses?
No special software or hardware is needed.  All the courses are Web-based and accessible thru a specific url dedicated to your organization.

Are courses available only during certain hours?
On-demand courses are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, anywhere you have internet access.

Are courses available via mobile devices?
Courses are available on some mobile devices.

How are the CLE credits handled?
Certificates available immediately upon course completion with special codes and validation for reporting.
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