How do you ensure that your company—as well as the third parties you rely on—remain on the right side of regulators? It’s a big challenge, especially given political shifts that could signal regulatory changes on the horizon. In the face of uncertainty, it’s not surprising that one in five senior executives—in both financial and non-financial companies—report they are increasing investments in their risk departments.1 The Second Annual Survey on Integrated Risk Management conducted by the Risk Institute at The Ohio State University also found that 50 percent of respondents increased their risk management support and focus over the last year, with 60 percent of them citing external factors as the catalyst.

Compliance Monitoring Software Helps You Work Smarter, Not Harder

Diligence spotter accelerates and simplifies KYC onboarding, vendor risk assessments and more, allowing you to conduct detailed screening and monitoring of individuals and in your fight against crime, bribery and corruption. The automated process helps you to quickly see risk red flags that indicate the need for enhanced due diligence. In addition, you’re able to capture the audit trail of your investigations, satisfying the reporting requirements of regulators. The result? Your entire workflow becomes more time- and cost-effective, allowing you to mitigate risk without breaking the bank.


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