Companies have the opportunity to undertake ISO certification on a number of critical business issues, from quality control to information security management. One of the most recently published standards tackles anti-bribery and corruption compliance: ISO 37001. Get the inside scoop in the video below, featuring our exclusive interview with anti-corruption lawyer Jean Pierre-Mean, who played a role in developing this standard.

Unlocking the value of ISO 37001 certification

When it was introduced in October 2016, ISO 37001 identified critical measures and controls for addressing bribery and corruption in business. Why is this important? Start with the economic costs globally. According to the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), the price tag of bribery alone exceeds $1 trillion annually, with the additional costs of corruption adding another $1.6 trillion.


Our white paper, “ISO 37001: Calculating the Business Value,” takes a closer look at ISO certification, including:

  • How the anti-bribery and corruption standard enhances regulatory compliance
  • 7 requirements of the standard, including ongoing risk monitoring
  • 5 benefits of pursuing ISO certification to mitigate bribery and corruption risk

Since the standard was developed with input from 37 countries, companies gain greater confidence in the quality of regulatory compliance efforts across their global operations or supply chains.

What role does monitoring for regulatory risk play in ISO certification?

Due diligence only helps mitigate compliance risk until the moment it is finished. But risk doesn’t rest—and neither do regulators tasked with enforcing anti-bribery and corruption laws. Ongoing risk monitoring with a solution like the PESTLE-powered LexisNexis® Entity Insight enables companies to identify emerging regulatory compliance risks and take preemptive action in the form of additional risk assessments and investigations.

Explore the benefits of ISO certification for mitigating corruption risk

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