Every company encounters risk in doing business, but the types of risk faced vary greatly. Can you really depend on a one-size-fits-all risk monitoring solution to bring emerging risks—specific to your organization—to your attention?   

Experience PESTLE-based risk analysis

Nexis® Entity Insight puts the power of proactive third-party risk monitoring at your fingertips. Featuring an easy to use risk analysis dashboard, Nexis Entity Insight also offers flexible customization options to align ongoing risk monitoring to your company’s unique risk considerations.

Start by weighting the PESTLE scoring to match your risk monitoring needs.

  • A company expanding into an emerging market, may need increased visibility into Political, Socio-cultural and Legal factors.
  • Another with a global supply chain may focus on Economic or Environmental factors to stay alert to potential disruptions caused by financial instability or weather-related events.
  • An organization may want to engage in risk monitoring across a large volume of entities—customers, suppliers, or other third parties acting on its behalf—to uncover negative news mentions indicative of reputational or strategic risks.

How does the PESTLE framework used for risk analysis in Nexis Entity Insight help?

By applying color coding to varying levels of threat, you gain immediate visual cues— from red critical to amber warning—to better anticipate third-party risk as part of your procurement strategy, supply chain management or other third-party risk analysis process.

Expand the scope of your risk monitoring and threat analysis with ease

With the authoritative news, regulatory and legal sources covered—many of which are not available on the open web—Nexis Entity Insight helps companies achieve enhanced awareness of financial risk with Experian® business data. Moreover, companies monitoring for compliance risk can stay alert to changes in PEPs, sanctions and watchlists.

Getting started with this powerful solution is simple.

  1. Upload individual or batch collections of suppliers and third parties for ongoing risk monitoring.
  2. Define your risk scoring needs for each PESTLE category to align with your internal company policy.
  3. Generate RSS links to integrate risk monitoring findings into your preferred business systems.
  4. Set up email alerts for high-priority risk concerns so you can quickly escalate red flags for risk assessment.
  5. Take advantage of flexible category management, including the ability to create custom categories to organize and streamline procurement, supply chain or other third-party risk monitoring .

Arrange a personalized demo of Nexis Entity Insight to see how our PESTLE framework can be tailored to your corporate risk considerations and help you uncover actionable insights.


Be proactive with continuous risk monitoring

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