Using reports to demonstrate compliance

No organization is completely self-sufficient. Association with unethical business partners puts your company at risk of legal penalties, loss of business opportunities and reputational damage. When it comes to choosing vendors, suppliers or other contractors, performing due diligence is a necessity. And one critical component of a thorough due-diligence process is the ability to prove you’ve done it.

Be prepared for compliance audits with Nexis Diligence Report Builder

Using Nexis Diligence to create comprehensive reports is easy. To start with, all searches are time and date stamped for use in the compliance audit trail. Report Builder also allows you to customize reports you create for compliance audits:
  • Select only the documents you want to include in the report.
  • Deliver specific sections of your investigation, such as sanctions and warnings, to your report.
  • Preview full documents while in report mode to verify you want to include that content.
  • Drag and drop with ease to change the priority of documents appearing in the report.
  • Append the report with additional summary information or comments to clarify findings.
  • Capture essential audit data automatically within the report

You can even include searches that generated no results to demonstrate the thoroughness of your research. The result is a clear, audit-ready report that can be saved and downloaded, printed or emailed as need—and the confidence that comes from knowing you can verify you’ve done your due diligence if the need arises.

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