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Search, refine, analyze and share the most relevant results faster with convenient source selection and simple-to-use research tools.

Quickly find your authoritative information

  • Just choose your IRC section, and the exclusive Lexis® Tax Advisor—Federal Code Reporter links you to legislative history, treasury regulations and explanations, news, Shepard’s® verification and more.
  • Begin your research faster. Pick your page on Lexis Tax, e.g., federal, state or U.S. international tax law, and make it your home page. Every page was designed for you—by tax practitioners for tax practitioners—using source-selection options.
  • Know if relevant material is still good law with Shepard’s Citations Service, exclusive to LexisNexis. Get full coverage of IRC and IRS sources, decisions from state departments of revenue and other tax authorities, plus U.S. and state court cases.

Cut through the clutter to relevant results

  • Each search result includes the “best paragraph” from the retrieved source, i.e., the text that best captures your search terms.
  • Get the latest news—no searching. Your dedicated news page (federal, state or U.S. international) provides quick access to recent tax news, plus convenient filters for narrowing your news search.
  • Never lose your place in lengthy codes or treasury regulations. Let your cursor hover and immediately a pop-up screen identifies your exact location, e.g., IRC §168(d)(3)(B).
  • Plus, you can enter a Title 26 subsection—e.g., IRC §168(a)(3)(C)(5) —and move directly to that text.

Save your work online for quick access whenever you need it

  • Easily pick up where you left off. Go to your History, and your Tax searches are saved and clearly labeled. So are sent email, documents retrieved and more. Even compare searches automatically to find additional documents.
  • You can save work online to Lexis Folders and save effective searches, highlighted and annotated text, complete documents and more. Even share and work with colleagues. Work syncs automatically.

*Lexis Folders are not available to all customers. If you have questions, contact your LexisNexis® account representative.

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