LexisNexis® Library Express

Helps libraries consolidate resources without comprimising content while reducing costs.

What do you get out of a subscription to LexisNexis Library Express?

More efficient research

With so many valuable sources in a single location, librarians and patrons can spend less time looking for the information they need and more time using it.

Fast, easy access for all users

library-wide access using IP authentication, unlimited users and no search limits. Plus, realize greater savings with a system-wide subscription.

Getting to relevant results quickly

Easy Search forms lead your researchers directly to the research solution they need; advanced tools for source selection, query formulation, navigating results and exporting citations streamline the entire research process; customized search forms help researchers zero in on the most relevant information.

Training and support for librarians

Professional training from our Academic training team, both on-site and online and toll-free telephonic customer support 24/7/365.

LexisNexis Library Express provides access to:

Superior legal-research sources:

  • Law review articles from over 500 publications
  • Over 300 legal newspapers, magazines and newsletters
  • S. Supreme Court decisions from January 1790 to present
  • S. Court of Appeals decisions from 1791 to present
  • S. District Court decisions from 1789 to present
  • Decisions from Bankruptcy Courts; U.S. Court of International Trade; Tax Courts; Courts of Customs and Patent Appeals, and Veterans, Commerce and Military Courts
  • State court decisions for all 50 states and territories
  • Federal regulations: Federal Register and Code of Federal Regulations
  • Codes, Constitutions, Court Rules and Attorney General Opinions for all 50 states and territories
  • Patents from 1790 forward, searchable by keyword, patent number, classification number, lawyer, assignee, inventor or summary

Extensive news coverage:

  • Full text of articles from more than 2,500 newspapers, including top-tier news publications such as The New York Times®and The Washington Post® and local, national, and international sources
  • Full text of articles from more than 1,000 magazines and journals and more than 1,000 newsletters, such as American Journalism ReviewThe New Republic®, and Library Journal®
  • Wire services, updated several times per day, including The Associated Press®, Business Wire®, and PR Newswire
  • Broadcast transcripts from major television and radio networks such as ABC News®, CBS News®, CNN®, FOX News®, NBC®, MSNBC® and NPR®, as well as political transcripts covering congressional committee hearings, press briefings from the State, Justice and Defense departments, and presidential news conferences
  • Premium blogs, video blogs and Twitter® feeds approved by LexisNexis content team
  • Non-English-language news sources available in Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch and Arabic, including both newspapers and magazines


Advanced tools for selecting sources, formulating searches, navigating within results and exporting citations help streamline the entire research process and save time.

Enhanced custom search forms make it easier to narrow down vast quantities of documents to get to the most relevant information.

More than 10,000 sources of business, legal and news information in a single location make this one of the most robust offerings in your library.

Library-wide access using IP authentication—and unlimited simultaneous users—remove barriers for your users.

Content review by our advisory committee, made up of librarians from diverse academic institutions, helps us pursue appropriate new content aggressively.

Powerful source selection capabilities help your researchers choose a source by name or identify sources by type, language, topic, geography, or other criteria.

LexisNexis SmartIndexing Technology™, which applies controlled vocabulary terms to all LexisNexis® news and business content, helps guide users’ searches to ensure more relevant results.

Results clustering provides an instant, multi-faceted analysis of the distribution of the documents in a results set that lets researchers filter their results.

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