LexisNexis® Scholastic

LexisNexis® Scholastic gives junior high and high school students experience searching for vital source material using the same online information technology they will invariably encounter as they progress to a college or university. Content within the service is broken down into three key areas:

Extensive news coverage

  • Full text of articles from more than 2,500 newspapers from the U.S. and around the world, including top-tier news sources such as The New York Times®, The Washington Post®, Los Angeles Times®, as well as local newspapers
  • Full text of articles from more than 1,000 magazines and journals, and more than 1,000 newsletters, such as American Journalism Review, Business and Finance Week, Newsweek®, The New Republic and Variety®
  • Wire services, updated several times per day, including Associated Press®, Business Wire, and PR Newswire
  • Broadcast transcripts from major television and radio networks such as ABC News®, CBS News®, CNN®, FOX News®, NBC®, MSNBC® and NPR, as well as political transcripts covering congressional committee hearings, press briefings from the State, Justice and Defense departments, and presidential news conferences

Superior legal-research sources

  • Comprehensive U.S. and state cases, including U.S. Supreme Court cases from 1789
  • Comprehensive U.S. and state statutes, codes and regulations including U.S. public laws
  • Over 500 law reviews and journals
  • Dictionaries and encyclopedia provide explanations of legal concepts and terms
  • Full text of U.S. and state bills
  • Bill-tracking reports for U.S. Congress and state legislatures
  • Congressional Record with debates from the House and Senate floors
  • Profiles of members of Congress and Congressional voting records

Valuable business content

  • LexisNexis® Company Dossier for detailed financials, competitive information, and analysis of 80 million U.S. and international companies
  • LexisNexis® Company Profiles that provide business intelligence on public and private companies
  • Securities Exchange Commission filings and reports, including SEC 10-Q Reports, SEC 10-K Reports, SEC 8-K Reports, SEC 20-F Reports, SEC Annual Reports to Shareholders, Proxy Statements, Prospectuses, Registration, and Williams Act Filings

More efficient research—with so many valuable sources in a single location, students can spend less time looking for the information they need and more time using it.

Fast, easy access for all users—school-wide access using IP authentication and support for secure remote access methods.

Getting to relevant results quickly—the easy-to-use interface helps your students get directly to the information they need.

Training and support for librarians—professional training from our academic training team, both on-site and online, and toll-free telephonic customer support 24/7/365.

More than 10,000 sources of business, legal, and news information in a single location make this one of the most robust offerings in your library.

School-wide and remote access methods for schools that can authenticate their students.

Content review by our advisory committee, made up of librarians from diverse academic institutions, helps us pursue appropriate new content aggressively.

Flexible display and output options let users tailor their search results to their needs and preferences, saving or emailing in any of four formats.

Customer Service/Technical/Research Assistance

For librarians, faculty, and technical staff members only.

Students should work through their school’s librarian.

How to Subscribe or Request a Trial

  • Contact your LexisNexis® sales representative.
  • Call 800.227.9597, extension 54846.

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