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LexisNexis® News for Legal Professionals Get your facts from the legal industry’s trusted collection of exclusive news and analysis.



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Work with the most comprehensive and unique collection of current and archived news and get breaking news reports from veteran legal editors. With LexisNexis, legal professionals, find relevant news faster, use analytics and visualization tools to spot trends and emerging issues, and gain confidence from credible sources. 

Compile exclusive news insights

With 26,000+ premium news sources, from local to global, general to niche, odds are you’ll find it on the LexisNexis® exclusive news collection …

  • State your position and back it up with proof from more irrefutable sources
  • Find elusive connections between people and businesses

Check top business news sources like The Wall Street Journal®, Dow Jones® News Service and other Factiva® sources.*  Add in The New York Times® and NYT® blogs.  All LexisNexis news exclusives.

*Not all sources available in all markets.


Get top legal news intelligence

Count on the best insights and respected legal news analysis from experienced editors to keep you up to date on relevant issues. You’ll only find this combination of top legal news publishers with LexisNexis:

  • Law360® news publishes more than 200 articles every business day, and delivers daily newsletters for over 50 coverage areas.
  • ALM® news offers 20 publications serving the global legal community with insights into the industry's top firms, legal departments, and key players.
  • State Net® provides step-by-step coverage of legislative action at state houses 
  • Mealey's® editors offer reports from 40+ highly targeted litigation newsletters daily.
  • All in all, the LexisNexis legal news collection is comprised of over 550 trusted sources


Access today’s top stories

Cut through the clutter

Start with more of the news you need and less of the news you don’t. LexisNexis precision search taxonomy and smart indexing bring more on-point data to your news results every time.  

With LexisNexis Newsdesk®, you can drill down within large results sets from 92K+ news and social media sources and transform it into strategic intelligence:

  • Spot trends and track horizon issues or pending legislation
  • Track mentions of your firm, agency or company
  • Share insights across your organization

With access to more than four million articles daily, the LexisNexis Newsdesk service takes critical data and makes it digestible with web dashboards and email alerts. 


Count on credible news

Don’t let fake, biased or disappearing news derail your work or your reputation. Be confident when your news comes from the LexisNexis news collection.

Compared to myriad unknown publishers on the web, LexisNexis:

  • Applies a high level of scrutiny before a news source is published
  • Does not manipulate, reflect any type of bias or artificially place one view before another
  • Preserves the integrity of historical results through archiving, mitigating the risk of missing key information about people, entities and events

You get a balanced, consistent and reliable view from LexisNexis news results.


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