As a faculty member of a college or university, you juggle many responsibilities outside of a lecture hall. You are a trusted advisor during those seminal college years when young adults become well-rounded scholars and prepare to start their chosen professions. And your job is much harder these days, given the vast amount of questionable content that surfaces across social media and the open web every day.

According to a study conducted by Stanford University, students of all ages struggle when it comes to distinguishing what news is credible versus not. Even college students conducting research on the open web tend to equate visually polished websites and news posts with higher credibility, even when those searches revealed “results that routinely mix fact with falsehood.” Your students’ academic futures—and ultimately, their careers—depend on the critical thinking skills and research habits that you instill in them. Nexis Uni® can help.

What do your students want from an academic research database?

Designed with an intuitive, student-friendly interface that returns streamlined search results, Nexis Uni offers a critical advantage over other popular search engines—a trusted collection of news, business and legal sources. Rather than wasting time with irrelevant search results or tapping less credible sources, your students have access to vetted, comprehensive content. Nexis Uni also helps students keep research on track with:

  • Real-time news and content alerts
  • Content that is filtered by type
  • Discipline pages that bring relevant sources, searches and topics together in one place

Nexis Uni can benefit you, as well. In addition to taking advantage of the same intuitive search features and trusted content for your own research, you can use Nexis Uni to:

  • Collaborate more efficiently with your research assistants
  • Provide clearer direction with assignments using insight from the platform on how students conduct research
  • Leverage the shared workspace to ensure greater accountability when students are assigned group projects

Talk to your librarian about your interest in this innovative, new academic research database.

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