The media landscape is crowded, so you need to put your best stories out there to attract an audience and keep it engaged. What’s more, you need to deliver that content fast! As a media producer, how do you find inspiration and gather deep background material more efficiently? By having access to a broad collection of news archives that enables you to:

  • uncover niche stories

  • find an angle no one has covered before

  • spot emerging areas of interest that haven’t gone viral yet 

  • uncover new—and possibly eye-opening—facts on the rich, famous and notorious

Sometimes it’s the smallest tidbit that can stir the imagination and escalate your ability to find the next great story…all you have to do is find it!

ACT 1:


  • Start with the largest collection of news, company, industry ,and market intelligence.

  • Narrow your searches by language, topic or region.

  • Identify trending storylines or story white space opportunities.

  • Look to alternative markets for ideas and trends that may be emerging.

  • Supplement free media with more specialized sources and alerts.

ACT 2:


  • Dig into the past to uncover additional context or a different angle for the present.

  • Check news archives to see if your guests have previously made the news in ways that may help your production—or hurt it.

  • Look up past articles or business documents to uncover previously unreported or lesser known connections between people, businesses and locations.

  • Need an interview subject or a great quote? Identify the right people—from industry thought leaders to social influencers—and reach out for an impending article or an expert commentator.

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