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Access an unrivaled, global content collection, including a deep news archive and public records, to take your stories to the next level.

With ongoing attacks on the credibility of mainstream media, journalists, publishers and TV production companies must remain vigilant when it comes to identifying reliable sources, verifying data and vetting guests. How do you protect your reputation in the ‘fake news’ era? By delivering properly fact-checked stories and reputable experts or interview subjects for on-air broadcasts.

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Of course, thanks to a 24/7 digital news cycle and the speed at which stories are shared on social media, you also need fast, convenient access to current and archival news, public records and more. You can’t afford to go on a prolonged scavenger hunt across the web to find relevant background information or trustworthy sources.

Nexis puts more than 40,000 expert-curated sources—right at your fingertips.

  • Premium print and web news, as well as select social media sources
  • 600 company and financial sources
  • 300 industry sources
  • 200+ executive and biographical sources
  • Regulatory and legal content
  • More than 82+ billion public records

Whether you’re looking for inspiration for a news article, background details for an emerging story, or a credible source for an interview, Nexis helps you find what you need so you can stay ahead of the competition.

With Nexis you can:

  • Find interview subjects to reach out to when you need a quote for an impending article or an expert commentator for an upcoming broadcast.
  • Easily conduct due diligence and in-depth research for talk show guests.
  • Use Alerts to monitor news coverage on topics or individuals of interest and to spot emerging stories—and your next big headline—sooner.
  • Analyze news coverage to understand reporting trends.

Nexis® for Journalism

Avoid a fake news faux pas

Thanks to round-the-clock news cycles and always-on social media, one tweet can turn into a worldwide sensation in the blink of an eye. Unfortunately, it’s easy to get caught up in the hype—especially when you have deadlines looming. More than once in recent years, reputable news organizations have had to retract a story because of flawed facts.

Nexis® empowers just-in-time research and analysis, so you can check your facts fast, and earn the trust of your audiences.



Nexis® for Media Production

Keep those cameras rolling

When news breaks, you need to understand the context—before your next broadcast. With Nexis, you have access to media archives—some going back as far of 40 years—to get background information together quickly. Plus, the extensive biographical and public records information available makes it easier to conduct due diligence so you can be confident that individuals you put on camera have been thoroughly vetted and withstand public scrutiny.


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