New fundraising platforms, enhanced methods for donor prospects research—based on the research we did with Nexis®, nonprofits are poised for stellar performance if they make full use of the latest trends outlined in “Powerful Potential in 2019: A LexisNexis® Trend Report.”  Take a quick look at just one trend below.

The power of social media has not gone unnoticed (or untapped) when it comes reaching donor prospects. But are you considering social media as a donation platform?

Fundraising Platforms Go Social

Social media continues to influence how nonprofits engage donors—and they’re also giving past disruptors like GoFundMe competition with their online fundraising platforms. Back in 2015, Facebook began experimenting with charitable giving tools for nonprofits. In 2017, Facebook enabled personal fundraisers as well, allowing users to create campaigns across six categories: education, medical, pet medical, crisis relief, personal emergencies, and funeral and loss.  Last year, Facebook expanded its categories for personal causes to include family, faith, travel, and volunteering.

This increases the pressure on nonprofits to tell compelling stories. Will your traditional donation request move hearts (and open wallets) the way a personal appeal from a friend or family member on Facebook does? 

Can Instagram expand your donor database?

Nonprofits will need to up their social game—and Instagram is hot. Use this visual social media platform to bring success stories to life. Prospects and donors alike want to see how their money helps achieve your mission—and pictures are worth a thousand words.  Instagram is the perfect platform to:

  • Promote your website, mission and fundraising events
  • Highlight text-to-give campaigns to an audience that favors digital donations
  • Present statistics as shareable visuals to extend your reach across platforms

Plus, Heather Mansfield, founder of Nonprofit Tech for Good, notes that it’s likely that Facebook will expand its fundraising tools—which have raised more than $1 billion for nonprofits worldwide—to the Instagram platform. Mansfield says, “As the most engaged social network in the world, having a native Donate button on Instagram will transform the site into a fundraising powerhouse.”[i]

See what other trends will impact donor prospect research

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[i] Lynch, Jim. "Nonprofit Technology Trends for 2019," TechSoup. January 2, 2019. Accessed at: