No industry remains untouched by technology—and that’s certainly the case for real estate agents. In fact, we see the influence of technology across several real estate trends. Get a sneak preview from our newest trend report, “Navigating Uncertainty in 2019.”

Embracing technology takes time. But while the rise of AI and blockchain has been a hot topic for several years, 2019 may be the year that practical applications for real estate become more widespread.

In its 2019 real estate forecast, Forbes cites a First American survey that identified several financial technology trends that could have a significant impact in 2019.1

Among the survey respondents:

  • 44% expect secure collaboration and communications portals will facilitate real estate transactions
  • 34% predict a rise in eClosings and remote online notarization
  • 18% envisage more AI-driven tools such as robotic processing, chat bots and virtual assistants will support greater efficiency through automation of routine tasks

What anticipated trend for real estate hasn’t met expectations yet?

Despite the blockchain buzz, however, less than 3 percent of the respondents believe blockchain will be used for pre-validating chains of title. Likewise, less than 2 percent anticipate funding real estate transactions using cryptocurrency, despite the much-lauded advantages.

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  • The gig economy has led to demand for co-working space
  • Millennials and economic factors may impact home searches
  • Climate change concerns have led to increased attention to sustainability

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1 Aly J. Yale, “2019 Real Estate Forecast: What Home Buyers, Sellers And Investors Can Expect,” Forbes. December 6, 2018. Accessed at: