Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey was mad, mad, mad! Angry! Perturbed! Vexed! That commie pinko lefty wussbomb Nike had crumbled to PC pressure and cancelled plans to produce sneakers bearing the iconic Betsy Ross version of the American flag. But Nike bailed after love-him-or-hate-him football player/activist/Nike symbol Colin Kaepernick complained that the flag was representative of a time when slavery was in full bloom. That sent Ducey into a Trump-like Twitter rant in which he vowed to withdraw incentives being offered to Nike to locate a factory in Arizona, railing “We don’t need to suck up to companies that consciously denigrate our nation’s history.” But that resolve apparently didn’t extend to his own footwear. As the Washington Post reports, Ducey was photographed on the 4th of July wearing...wait for it...Nikes! Maybe the gov had a change of heart when he heard other states suddenly cozying up to The Swoosh.