Saying he is “determined to bring more accountability and transparency to Idaho’s rule-making processes,” Idaho Gov. Brad Little (R) said he has ordered the state Office of the Administrative Rules Coordinator to make administrative rule-making easier to track and understand.

Little also announced a quartet of major changes to the state’s rulemaking process. For one, the Office of the Administrative Rules Coordinator will post notices and schedules for public hearings during the rulemaking process on its website. It will also produce a free online subscription newsletter that residents can sign up for to be notified when new rules are published. State agencies will also be required to provide a public explanation of any new rules they enact, with contact information for those who have questions. Agencies must also consolidate the chapters of rules they administer to make them easier for the public to understand.

Little’s office said that to date his administration has reduced or streamlined about 40 percent of the state’s regulatory code, with the goal of at least 60 percent before the end of the year. The governor, however, has cautioned agency heads against changing fundamental policies, a task reserved for lawmakers.

“I am thankful to the Legislature and agencies within my administration for helping me simplify rule making so the average Idahoan feels encouraged to participate in the formation of laws that affect them,” he said in a statement. (CAPITAL PRESS, BALLOTPEDIA)