In the first six months of California Gavin Newsom’s (D) new administration, companies, associations, unions and other organizations spent $187 million to influence policy and legislation in the state. Adjusted for inflation, that sum is 12 percent more than the $146 million spent on lobbying in the first two quarters of former Gov. Jerry Brown’s first term in 2011.

The biggest lobbying spenders this year were the California Teachers Association, which spent $4.3 million, mostly on legislation aimed at weakening charter public schools; the Western States Petroleum Association, which spent $4.1 million on policy and legislation pertaining to emissions, oil and taxation; Chevron, which spent $3.7 million; the California State Council of Service Employees, which spent $2.2 million; and the American Civil Liberties Union, which spent $2.19 million, mainly on the use of force by law enforcement and criminal justice issues. (CAL MATTERS)