Legendary singer and songwriter Dolly Parton has always had a profound impact on the people around her. And it didn’t take long at last week’s opening event for the National Conference of State Legislatures Annual Summit in Nashville to see that, even at 73, the lovely Ms. Parton can still make men a little simple in the brain. The evidence came as Tennessee Rep. Mark White took the podium to introduce Gov. Bill Lee, who was coming on to do a sit-down with Dolly to talk about her Imagination Library, which supplies free books to kids around the world. So with great gusto, White asked the crowd to please welcome the governor of the great state of Tennessee...Gov. Bill Haslam! Uh, wait, that would be the previous governor. Alerted to his gaffe by the audible gasp from the crowd, a flustered White rushed back to correct himself. To his credit, Lee took it all with a laugh.