LexisNexis® Verdict & Settlement Analyzer

Make your case with our powerful litigation tool for reviewing past cases to assess opportunity and risk for your current case.

Improve discovery, early case assessment and litigation management with efficient yet thorough analysis of more jury verdicts and settlements than anyone else; optimize case valuation with instant insights on similar cases.

Conduct Smarter Research
Quickly analyze similar case outcomes with dynamic graphics that allow you to identify trends, manipulate variables, chart potential outcomes, and drill down into the cases most relevant to you.

Mitigate Litigation Risks and Costs
Make informed decisions as you select and refine a course of action based on thorough, efficient assessment of risk and opportunity, and effectively communicate strategy with stakeholders and clients.

Improve Litigation Outcomes
Deliver superior client service and present a winning case strategy when you’re armed with insights from more verdicts and settlements than anyone else.

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  • Improve data-driven early and ongoing case assessment
    Utilize the largest, most comprehensive collection of jury verdicts and settlements available online – 70% more than the nearest competitor – to evaluate risk and opportunity, gain insight into potential outcomes and determine an initial course of action.
  • Efficiently analyze all the angles
    See the big picture and reduce discovery costs with one search that collects, organizes and analyzes similar case outcomes–and charts your options-- to thoroughly valuate cases and conduct cost/benefit analysis.
  • Enhance client communication and service
    Quickly generate graphical reports revealing trends and share with clients to support case strategy and manage client expectations. Professional reports in a PDF format include a cover page with a summary of your research.
  • Harness the largest collection of verdicts and settlements including case information you can’t find anywhere else
    • Verdict & Settlement Analyzer offers 70% more verdict and settlement content than anyone else including ALM Jury Verdicts and IDEX content which is owned by and exclusive to LexisNexis.
    • Access the Mealey’s Verdicts and Settlements and What It’s Worth, the annual compilation by Matthew Bender on personal injury jury verdicts & settlements as well as other important reports from over 30 jurisdictions and national sources.
  • Quickly navigate masses of data with powerful search and filtering
    Using new, cutting-edge technology of LexisAdvance®, attorneys can quickly navigate through the largest collection of verdict and settlement data to quickly pinpoint just the information critical to their success.
  • Gain insight quickly with formats that reveal trends and allow you to manipulate variables
    • Dynamic graphics reveal instant insight on trends. Quickly pinpoint the most relevant results using interactive charts post-search filters.
    • Point and click on chart data to view relevant information or select new variables such as a new timeframe or settlement options to assess the potential impact and outcomes.
  • Flexible report download options for the way you work
    Save any combination of the cite list, the full document and charts and graphs according to your needs.
  • Quickly pinpoint relevant findings
    • View and sort the specific verdict and settlement cite lists that are relevant to your case. Preview at a glance who won–as well as award amount, jurisdiction and year–before you even open a report so you review only pertinent information.
    • View excerpts of the case with your search terms highlighted to determine relevancy
  • Easily track prior searches
    Lexis Advance® retains a record of your searches for 90 days.
  • Store and re-use results right where you’re working
    Only Lexis Advance allows you to do this by saving and accessing reports in work folders.
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