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Make your case and use our expert witness research service. Let us help you find and research insurance experts, medical malpractice experts or other specialty-area experts to support your litigation.

Benefit from a range of legal expert research services to find, validate or discredit an expert. Our service acquires expert testimonies and other documents so you can evaluate an expert’s credentials. Gain access to hard-to-find documents like challenges to exclude an expert’s testimony, unpublished and case-related information, and more.

Rely on the comprehensive collection of data on experts

  • Our service works with data on more than 330,000 expert witnesses so that there are no gaps.
  • Know an expert’s litigation history with research drawn from 69% more verdicts & settlements documents than anyone else.

Make your case efficiently and cost-effectively

  • Affordable pricing options deliver thorough expert witness results to help you litigate successfully. Receive detailed statements of work to help process invoices.
  • Simply call or submit a request online and you’ll receive an up-to-date, detailed report in 24–72 hours. Rush services are available.

  • Do you need an expert to represent you?
    We can search our databases and find an expert who can help you. Unlike typical expert referral agencies, we neither represent nor endorse any expert, thus allowing our data to be unbiased. We can provide an expert's testimonial history report enabling you to discuss the expert with other attorneys who have faced or used the expert.
  • Largest Database of Expert Witness Information
    Identify the strengths and weaknesses of each expert with information on more than 330,000 expert witnesses, with new experts added each day. Go beyond review of basic expert witness bios with the largest source of published and unpublished information available.
  • Largest Collection of Verdicts & Settlements
    Leverage the largest collection of verdicts & settlements documents—over 69% more than the leading competitors. Be ready with the complete picture of an expert by profiling their litigation history and track record.
  • Unpublished Expert Witness Information
    Find more unpublished information than is available from other legal research providers with case-related information provided directly by attorneys–very insightful in evaluating how your expert performed in previous cases.
  • If we don’t have a deposition you need: We can attempt to procure it on your behalf, allowing you to remain anonymous in the process.
  • For jurisdictions that limit discovery: We have a high success rate in identifying opposing experts.
  • Make Your Case
    Uncover information critical to discrediting and disputing the opposing counsel’s expert witness—including their prior casework, biases and behaviors. Ensure there are no surprises with your own expert witness.
  • Select the Best Expert for Your Case
    Check expert profiles and resumes, read courtroom transcripts and discover how testimony survived challenges with seamless access to case reports. Review jury verdicts to see if an expert was persuasive or not.
  • Improve Litigation Outcomes
    Count on our robust collection of expert witness information to conduct valuable research and gain an edge in developing your legal strategy.
  • Uncover Revealing Information Not Available Elsewhere
    Get unpublished and case-related information received directly from attorneys to better evaluate past litigation involvements of an expert witness.
  • Effectively Manage Your Budget & Research Costs
    Take advantage of our affordable pricing options to conduct the research you need to drive successful outcomes.

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MedMal On-Demand Webinar: Keeping Up With Evolving Standards of Care While Reducing Costly Expert Witness Fees MedMal On-Demand Webinar: Keeping Up With Evolving Standards of Care While Reducing Costly Expert Witness Fees
The applicable standard of care is a linchpin of any successful medical malpractice case. In a constantly evolving medico legal landscape, easy access to the most current enhancements to the standard of care can be the defining factor in immediately realizing a meritious case when it presents itself. And pinning down this moving target even at a bird’s eye view often means incurring costly expert fees. During this free 45-minute webinar, we will introduce

During this 20 on-demand minute webinar, we will introduce LexisNexis® MedMal Navigator and demonstrate how attorneys use this interactive medical malpractice litigation tool to stay on top of the most current standard of care guidelines covering the most highly litigated medical topics, with limited reliance on expert witnesses, thereby reducing firm expenses.

Can LexisNexis® Expert Research On-Demand provide expert referrals?
The answer is a qualified "yes." We refer to this search as "Experts you can use." We attempt to locate names of experts who may be interested in helping you develop your case. These names come from our database or from other sources we have previously utilized successfully. It is important to note that Expert Research On-Demand does not endorse these experts as to their competency or willingness to help.

What is a Testimonial History Report?
This report details cases in which an individual has been involved as an expert witness. In some cases the expert may have given deposition or trial testimony while in others the expert was named but testimony has not yet been taken. The report may also include a listing of documents, such as depositions, trial transcripts and CVs which can be purchased directly from Expert Research On-Demand.

Am I assessed a surcharge for longer Testimonial History Reports?
No. LexisNexis Expert Research On-Demand assesses a flat fee for a successful testimonial history search. If we can provide at least one case in which an expert has been involved, we consider that to be a successful search and we assess the fee. We assess the same fee whether we have one case or a thousand cases.

Are there any charges to establish an account?
No. Account setup is free. You are charged based on the successful provision of your service request. See the LexisNexis® Expert Research On-Demand Services and Pricing Guide in the literature tab of this website for details.

Why does LexisNexis Expert Research On-Demand require information before a request can be processed?
LexisNexis Expert Research On-Demand is predicated upon the mutual sharing of valuable information. Expert Research On-Demand begins the sharing process by asking for case details in order to initiate a search. These details are then added to the database ensuring that up-to-date information will be available. While we realize that completing an Expert Research On-Demand request form can take a few minutes, the overall benefit to the network cannot be overemphasized.

How do I know if copies of depositions, trial transcripts and other documents are available from LexisNexis Expert Research On-Demand?
When Expert Research On-Demand has copies of documents, they are listed on the first page of the Testimonial History Report under the heading "Other Documents Available." Here on the Expert Research On-Demand website, any documents in our possession will be noted just beneath the expert's profile information.

What is a State License Discipline Search?
Depending on the specialty, experts may be licensed by a professional board, such as a physician licensed by a state medical board. These boards may take disciplinary action against a licensed professional for a variety of reasons. We will inform you if disciplinary action has or has not been taken against the expert by the appropriate licensing board. If discipline is found, we also send a copy of any public documents pertaining to the action.

What databases do you search for an Article Written by an Expert?
We search approximately 40 to 80 databases for articles authored by the expert. Many of these databases only reference the author's initial(s) and last name. Consequently, we will search for articles which include either the author's full name or the author's last name and initial(s). If references are found, we send those abstracts.

What do you search for in an Articles Naming Search?
We search a worldwide database of newspaper and magazine articles to learn if the individual's name has appeared. This search may yield innocuous information about the person in question but can also reveal onerous information such as a criminal background or other kinds of information detrimental to the person's reputation.

What if an Article Search yields a large number of results?
If more than 25 abstracts are found, our clients may have us narrow the search using some case-specific terms or other key words. Supplying detailed case issues on your request can help us narrow your search, if necessary, and eliminate articles by other authors with the same initials as the expert involved in your case.

What is included in a Similar Case Search?
The details of other cases with elements similar to yours. Examples would be the requester asks us to find any other cases involving damage to the medial nerve of the hand, or cases involving ACME Manufacturing radial arm saw injuries. These searches are case-facts-specific and NOT expert-specific.

Can LexisNexis Expert Research On-Demand provide expert referrals?
The answer is a qualified "yes." We refer to this search as "Experts you can use." We attempt to locate names of experts who may be interested in helping you develop your case. These names come from our database or from other sources we have previously utilized successfully. It is important to note that Expert Research On-Demand does not endorse these experts as to their competency or willingness to help.

What is included in a Scientific and Medical Literature Search?
LexisNexis Expert Research On-Demand can search a wide variety of databases for articles pertaining to a specific subject matter. If you need to learn more about a specific procedure or product, Expert Research On-Demand will search for and provide a list of abstracts. Again, supplying Expert Research On-Demand with detailed information about your case and what you hope to find will help us focus and search for the most relevant articles.

Is a confirmation generated whenever I make an online request for services?
Yes. LexisNexis® Expert Research On-Demand should always confirm your request. If you do not receive a confirmation, it means we never received your request or your e-mail address was not provided. If this happens, you should contact us by phone at 1 800-521-5596.

How can we participate in the free Electronic Archive Program?
Simply notify us that your firm would like to participate. The minimum requirements are that all documents be ASCII files and that they be accompanied by an index which reflects the expert's name, specialty, city and state, the case name, the date of the deposition and a one or two sentence description of the case issues.

How do I retrieve transcripts that my firm has archived with LexisNexis Expert Research On-Demand?
Sign in and from the Client Area select the "Firm's Archive" button where you can search by an expert's name or view all the documents archived by your firm. Additionally when ordering other searches on a particular expert, any documents archived by your firm will be highlighted. All documents are available to all members of your firm at no charge. Your documents are redacted of personal identifying information (PII) such as full date of birth, social security number, etc., then indexed, stored and put in the password protected area. To ensure their continued availability, they are backed up in four secure locations.

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