Services and Pricing

Thoroughly vet expert witnesses with the speed and convenience of highly experienced research analysts who conduct, package and deliver the research you need—when you need it.

Rely on our unmatched content, including more than 400,000 expert witnesses, the largest collection of verdict and settlement documents available, and additional information you just cannot find using other sources.*

There is no commitment required; simply purchase the reports you need and they are delivered to you in just 2 – 3 business days. Need it faster? Rush services are available upon request.

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Big 5 Bundle Usually $531, now at a discount! (Final pricing dependent upon results) Now you can receive an expert’s Testimonial History, Enhanced Challenge Report, Professional Discipline Search, Search for Articles Written by an Expert and Search for an Article Naming an Expert at a discount when ordered together. $491.00
Testimonial History Report
Draw insights from information on previous cases in which the expert has been involved. See potential biases and learn whether LexisNexis has other documents, such as transcripts, available on the expert.

$225 (when successful)

$30 charge if no results found

Enhanced Challenge Report
Surface any prior or ongoing challenge history with this vital step in expert witness due diligence. †
$131 (including opinions)
Professional Discipline Search
Uncover disciplinary actions taken by state licensing boards against an expert.
$55 (including documentation)
Search for Articles Written by an Expert
Review abstracts of articles and/or books authored by the expert. Decide if you would benefit from receiving the full-text article or a title list. †
$60 + $6.75 per abstract
Search for Articles Naming an Expert
Search for articles naming the witness.
$60 + $8.80 every 10 headlines
$18– $28 per copy of full-text article
Expert Witness Documents
Purchase documents, including trial and deposition transcripts and CVs.
$100 per transcript
$31 for all other documents
Article Retrieval
Request articles that were not a part of an order report.
$4 per title
$21 (turnaround time 3–5 business days)
$28 (turnaround time 2–3 business days)
Unidentified Experts
Get help identifying the name of the opposing expert if you are in a jurisdiction that limits discovery.
$214 (includes Testimonial History Summary)
Experts You Can Use
Find a potential expert to represent your case with a customized search in our database. †
Similar Facts Case
Gather information on cases with similar elements to your own on a national or state-by-state basis.
$214 (when successful)
Medical & Scientific Literature Topic
Collect abstracts of articles on a particular medical or scientific topic.
$225 + $6.75 per abstract
Attorney/Firm Case Involvement
Uncover an attorney’s past experience using expert witnesses with detailed case information. †
Custom Database Research
Need something not listed? Send us your request and we can often provide a custom search of our database. †
$302(in most cases)
Rush Search and Delivery Charges
Rush—Delivered within 24 hours $68
In-Trial Rush Charge—Delivered within 2 hours if received before 3 p.m. ET. The Enhanced Challenge Report is not eligible for in-trial rush turnaround. $110