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Focus where it counts. Don’t waste time trying to uncover hidden but vital information—such as professional disciplinary actions. The Lexis Expert Research On-Demand team is highly skilled at unearthing hard-to-find and current information from multiple sources quickly, including:

  • Testimonial history reports
  • Enhanced challenge reports
  • Sanctions and disciplinary actions
  • Trial and deposition transcripts
  • Articles written by or naming an expert, and much more

Uncover specialty-area experts. Get help locating and researching those elusive and peerless experts needed to support case-clinching litigation.

Identify opposing experts. Trust the service with an unparalleled success rate in jurisdictions that limit discovery: Lexis Expert Research On-Demand.


What to Expect from Expert Research On-Demand:

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*Comparison data based on information available as of October 2018