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Offer more informed and trustworthy insights to your clients with analyses compiled from a vast universe of news, industry data and legal information.

Consultation research conducted on a feature-rich search platform

Competitive intelligence consultation

Connect to relevant data—including company profile data—quickly, so you can stay agile and respond with impactful consulting intelligence for your clients, as well as your own business.

Insights & analytics

Transform intuitive and efficient business analytics and market research into key understandings, as well as identify and monitor trends hourly to make quick recommendations to clients and easily perform SWOT analyses.

Advanced search options

Conduct searches with an advanced classification system leveraging our proprietary SmartIndexing® technology for precise results.

Real-time alerts

Set up and share alerts with latest information relating to the projects and industries most relevant to you and your clients. This includes real time, “as-it-happens” news and business alerts.

Quick search

Easily search across multiple content types, create, download and share findings and reports quickly with your clients.

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