Nexis® for Real Estate

By-pass the inevitable dead-ends and paywalls with Nexis for Real Estate. Available within Nexis, LexisNexis Public Records offers access to more than 81+ billion public records aggregated from 10,000+ sources, allowing you to quickly track down vital information.

Features Designed for Real Estate Pros

Power through Public Records Searches

Make short work of real estate research with Nexis. End time-consuming searches across multiple public records databases with access to a collection of 81+ billion public records from 10,000+ sources.

Spot Hard-to-Find Connections

Discover links between people, businesses and locations—in seconds, rather than hours—with powerful LexisNexis Smartlinx® report technology that quickly correlates common data points using advanced analytics.

Enhance Your Contact Database

Find critical contact information for millions of executives and companies worldwide, based on location, revenue or industry classification, so you can connect with the right people and organizations to fuel success.

Pinpoint Emerging Opportunities

Tap into 40,000+ print and online global, national and regional news sources to identify consumer and industry trends, buying triggers and potential investments that can help you grow your business.

Conduct Real Estate Research Your Way

Get off to a fast start with flexible search capabilities. Novice researchers benefit from natural language search, while more advanced researchers can use Boolean search terms for more refined result sets.

Focus on What’s Relevant to You

Use pre- and post-search filters to narrow results to the most pertinent information, aided by LexisNexis® SmartIndexing Technology that tags documents based on subjects, industries and more.

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LexisNexis SmartLinx®

Reveal unexpected relationships with access to 81+ billion public records to uncover hard-to-find relationships, build a dossier of business & executive profiles, and discover hidden assets.

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Nexis for Real Estate

Access critical public records, track judgements, liens and bankruptcies and conduct real estate research to stay ahead of the competition. Offering details on 75 million executives and 80 million public and private companies in the U.S. and around the globe.

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