Third-Party Screening in 4 Easy Steps

Experience efficient, cost-effective ad hoc or high-volume screening of individuals or entities to identify third parties that require deeper due diligence.

Icon for third parties being added for monitoring on sanctions, watchlists, and news

Import key third parties

Uploading individuals and entities allows for fast, multi-source verification of suppliers against sanctions, watchlists, PEPs and negative news.

Icon of a magnifying glass searching for risk factors

Identify elevated risk factors

Understand where additional due diligence is warranted based on risk screening of individuals or entities across the globe.

Icon of a line moving up and down to represent daily monitoring for third-party risk

Engage in daily monitoring

Stay on top of third-party risk by running checks against the most current lists, so you can make well-informed decisions about suppliers and other agents acting on your behalf.

Icon of a magnifying glass checking a report to determine the level of required due diligence

Review convenient reports of third-party risk

Evaluate daily screening results and informative reports to determine if an individual or entity requires enhanced due diligence and ongoing monitoring based on significant risk factors.

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