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Why CaseMap?

CaseMap is a case organization and analysis tool that will help you track and build case strategy. You can organize critical information about facts, documents, and issues in cases. As you sort out what you know about each case, you gain a thorough understanding of disputes and clarification of strategies in supporting case arguments.

CaseMap also helps you quickly create case reports for case staff, your client, and the court.

  • CaseMap cases can be used by multiple case staff — at the same time. The case created should be stored in a shared location on your network to ensure that all users can access it. In this manner, all case users are able to work together to organize critical knowledge about the facts, the cast of characters, documents, and the issues regarding the case.
  • CaseMap is designed to manage the requirements of capturing information about case facts, documents, and issues. It is flexible and customizable to handle the unique needs of your cases.
  • Investing the time to organize and share case knowledge in CaseMap means saving time and energy to analyze, strategize, file motions or briefs, negotiate settlements, or take cases to trial.
  • Even if you have not worked on the case for months, CaseMap keeps case knowledge, documents, and strategy preserved so you can quickly pick up where you left off.
  • Ensuring complete discovery, no matter what type of case you handle — civil or criminal.


UI Modernization and Updated Wizard Screens

CaseMap now has an updated and modernized UI design that enhances the user experience. This provides a modern workflow and intuitive design that increases usability based on the industry standard.

CaseMap Integration of Lexis.com to Lexis Advance

The CaseMap research functionality now integrates research with a unified work-flow by eliminating the need for multiple log-ins and work-flows.

SmartAssist – New research integration in Lexis Advance

SmartAssist now simplifies searching in Lexis Advance.  The new research integration in the SmartAssist tool allows a more unified and simpler approach to research information in a case file.

Fact Cards

Fact Cards can now be used to create a simplified, visual map of each fact based on the Issue or Evaluation status.

Capture document metadata when importing files

Now when importing files into CaseMap, there is an option to automatically import and map the file metadata to a CaseMap object spreadsheet.

Create new Custom Object Spreadsheet from Existing Object Spreadsheet

CaseMap now provides a way to create additional spreadsheets that are pre-configured with existing object type information.

Objects Recognition for Fact Entry

CaseMap now simplifies and reduces time in creating and linking objects for Fact Entry. Objects sent to CaseMap from PDFs and Word documents are automatically identified.

Training Guides

Read and refer to these training guides loaded with detailed instructions, graphics and tips.

System Requirements

The CaseMap Answer Center

The CaseMap Answer Center and CaseMap Server Answer Center bring together helpful topics and useful infomation and are updated regularly with the lastest infomation.

CaseMap class options

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