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How do I create an alert?

  1. You can create an alert, which is a search that runs automatically and notifies you of any results. You can specify how often the alert is run.

    To create an alert:

    1. Run a search or Shepardize® a citation.
    2. When you have the results you want, complete one of the following steps:
      1. From your search results, select the Alert icon (Alarm Clock) above your results.
      2. From a Shepard's® report, select the Alert icon (Alarm Clock).
        The Alert dialog box appears.
    3. Provide the information required on the form. (Using this form, you can specify how often you want to be notified of any results, how you want to receive the results, and other options. See Create New Search Alert Page for information about each of the fields on this form.)

    You can review all of your alerts by choosing the View all alerts in the Alerts pod on the Lexis Advance® home page. You can also choose Alerts from the More drop-down list, located at the top of any page.

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