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What is the Delivery tray?

  1. The delivery tray collects and temporarily stores documents you select to download, email, or save to a folder later.

    As you review the results of your searches, you'll find documents you may want to download, email to yourself or someone else, or save in a work folder. To save a document to the delivery tray, select the check box next to its name in the results list. The number of documents currently stored in the delivery tray displays in parentheses to the right of the delivery icons above the document list, like this:          (6 selected)

    When you're finished reviewing your results, you can click the n selected link to display the contents of the delivery tray, remove any documents you no longer want, then click the folder, download, or email icon to deliver the documents in the tray.

    You may select up to 100 documents to store in the delivery tray.

    Documents are saved in the delivery tray until you remove them, or until you sign out of (or close) Lexis Advance™. When you sign out or close the application, all documents are removed from the tray.

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