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How do I search in specific segments?

  1. In Lexis Advance, all documents of the same type have a common structure, composed of the natural parts or divisions referred to as segments.

    You can restrict your search to a specific part or segment of a document, such as the court that heard the case or the judge who wrote the opinion. Different types of documents have different segments. For example, a case doesn't have the same segments as a newspaper article.

    To search in a specific segment, type the segment name followed by your search terms in parentheses. This example uses the "name" segment for searching by party name:
    name(griggs and duke)

    Segment searching is especially useful when you are looking for:

    • Opinions written by a particular judge
    • Cases involving a specific party
    • Cases in which a particular attorney or firm appeared as counsel

    Which segments are searchable in Lexis Advance?

    Lexis Advance does not search all of the same content types or segments as Lexis® (lexis.com). Below is the list of content types that you can currently search with a segment search using Lexis Advance. Click a content type to see which segments are available for it.

    • Administrative Codes and Regulations
    • Administrative Materials
    • Company Financial
    • Directories
    • Statutes and Legislation
    • Briefs, Pleadings and Motions
    • US Cases
    • Secondary Sources
    • Dockets
    • Expert Witness Analysis
    • Forms
    • Jury Instructions
    • Jury Verdicts and Settlements
    • Legal News
    • Scientific
    • News

    Searching in a Specific Segment

    • In the search box, enter your search, beginning with the segment name and followed by your search terms in parentheses. To find opinions written by Justice Sandra Day O'Connor, enter: Example: writtenby(o'connor)
    • Click Search.

    Segment searches can be run as either a natural language or a Boolean search, depending on the search syntax you use. The table below has examples of segment searches using natural language and Boolean syntax.

    To Find...

    Type This

    Cases when you know the party names, using natural language

    name(griggs duke)

    A legal news story when you know the headline, using natural language

    headline(michael jackson death)

    Cases when you know the party names, using Boolean syntax

    name(griggs and duke)

    Cases involving the right to counsel and heard by either Judge Anderson or Judge Markey, using Boolean syntax

    right to counsel and judges(anderson or markey)

    Cases argued by Jensen for which Posner wrote the opinion, using Boolean syntax

    writtenby(posner) and attorney(jensen)

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