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By: Linda Lee Kazmerski, Esq.


    Refine your results—before you start to search

  2. It’s easy to search cases only. Or maybe you want to check the news only for current events.

    Here’s how to filter your Lexis Advance® search to just the content you need:

    • Click the All Content Types pull-down box beneath the Red Search Box.
    • Choose content types—as many as you need.
    • Click the All Content Types pull-down box beneath the Red Search Box.

    The All Content Types box will show which content you will be searching.

    The combination is saved automatically to your Recent & Favorites list accessible from your Red Search Box. Use the combination again. Make it a favorite; click the gold star next to the combination on the Recent & Favorites list.

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      About the Author

      Linda Lee Kazmerski, Esq., practiced as a tax attorney for several years at Fox Rothschild LLP and at PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP. She joined LexisNexis in 2004, and currently works as a solutions consultant for corporate legal departments. Although a native of Pennsylvania, she currently lives in New York. When she’s not travelling abroad, you can find her supporting her favorite sports teams: the NY Yankees™, New York Giants®, New Jersey Devils and the Brooklyn Nets.

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