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Legal Issue Trail

By: Jennifer Turner, JD.


    Click—and compile cases supporting any legal issue!

  2. Pinpoint a relevant legal issue in your full-text case, and the exclusive Lexis Advance® Legal Issue Trail™ feature connects you to:
    • more cases that cite to your case on that legal issue; and/or
    • supporting cases your case cited on that issue.

    Here’s how to use the Lexis Advance Legal Issue Trail:

    While viewing a full-text case, click Activate Passages tab icon  in the right navigation pane. Then click the highlighted passage for your legal issue. You retrieve a list of supporting cases in a new Lexis Advance tab. You can:

  3. A. Click a case name—and move directly to the first full-text passage citing your case!

    B. Sort cases by date, court, etc. The default is to list cases by relevance.

    C. Return to your full-text case. Just click its tab. Your case list remains until you close the red passages tab.

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    About the Author

    Jennifer Turner, JD,  practiced law at Janik, LLP in Cleveland, Ohio. As an attorney, she was focused on insurance defense litigation, with an emphasis on professional liability litigation and broker-dealer and investment advisor proceedings before FINRA. Jennifer joined LexisNexis in 2011 and currently works as a corporate legal solutions consultant. She likes to spend time with my family and friends and play golf.

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