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Searching Commands

By: Cory Daschbach, JD


    Use search commands ... if you choose

  2. If you’re comfortable with search commands—! and * to truncate words and W/n, OR, AND, etc., to connect search words and phrases—you can use these special commands at Lexis Advance®.

    Here’s what you should know:

    Broaden W/n connectors
    While the lexis.com® service ignores certain “noise words,” Lexis Advance® counts all words, even single-letter words like “I.” So broaden your proximity connectors. For example, consider W/10 instead of W/5. For W/p and W/s, consider W/50 or W/15, respectively.

    Lexis Advance automatically interprets search commands
    Just enter your words and connectors in the Lexis Advance red search box and click Search.

    Search Lexis® Web separately
    Only the AND connector works. The other commands do not operate in Web documents.

Cory Daschbach, JD, practiced law for 10 years in Pittsburgh specializing in commercial litigation. Cory joined LexisNexis in 2008, and currently works as a solutions consultant for law firms . In his spare time he can be found spending time with his two daughters or, on a nice day, golfing.

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