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Work Folders

By: Robin J. McManigal, Esq.


    Highlight and save documents to Work Folders

  2. Saving any relevant document to a Work Folder is simple. Just click the Work Folder icon at the top of full-text documents. Or check the box next to a document in your results list and click the Work Folder icon. (See graphic at right.)

    You can select the folder and add notes and insights that display when you open your work folder, making it easier to return to research.

    Annotate and highlight documents before you save them!
  3. As you review full-text documents, use your cursor to highlight text. Click Options for Selected Text. Use a variety of highlighting colors and include notes throughout the document. When finished, click the Work Folder icon to save.
    Please note: Subscription documents stay in your Work Folders until you remove them. If you purchase out-of-plan documents, they remain in your Work Folder for one year.

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    About the Author

    Robin J. McManigal, Esq., has worked as an assistant public defender, a senior staff attorney for the Thirteenth Judicial Circuit, and a senior law clerk at the Second District Court of Appeal.  She has also been an adjunct professor in the paralegal program at Hillsborough Community College. Robin joined LexisNexis in 2007 and currently works as a research consultant. Robin resides in Tampa, Florida with her husband Jeff and her two children, Madison and Riley. 

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