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Support & Training: New Enhancements

What’s New at the Lexis® Service

Here are the newest enhancements requested by customers like you.

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Easier Results Review

Now every case search can become a chart of connected, relevant cases

Use the new Ravel View at Lexis to quickly discover how the top cases in your search results are connected, uncover cases that might otherwise be overlooked, find seminal cases and discern citing trends across jurisdictions and over time. This integrated analytical view is available only at the Lexis service, giving you more value for every case search at no additional charge.

Try it! Just enter a case-law search in Lexis and select the Ravel View icon to see a graphical depiction of the top 75 results from your search.

Each circle represents one case. Each line connecting cases indicates a citing relationship. At a glance, you can see how seminal a case is (size of a circle), when it was decided (horizontal timeline), jurisdiction where it was decided (vertical level axis) and how relevant the decision is to your search (how high the circle appears within a jurisdiction section).

When you click a case circle, the case name and cite display above the circle. Plus, colored lines show you Shepard’s® treatment for citing cases. (See graphic at right.) Then hover over a citing case circle to view the point of law discussed. To deselect a case circle and go back to the full Ravel View for your search, click anywhere in the background.

Shepard’s reports show when appeals have been filed in federal cases

Gain more insight on federal case status via Shepard’s Citations Service. A yellow Shepard’s Signal indicator and notation display after an appeal has been filed in a federal case to help inform your research.

Faster Start to Research

Access Live Chat Support and online Help faster

Live Support at Lexis is now called Live Chat Support and is accessible from the Support pod on the Lexis home page as well as the More pull-down menu at the top of most screens. Plus, if you want to search or browse Help topics online, you can now access that resource in one click using the Help link, now in the black global navigation bar at the top of most screens.

More Search Power

Added access to document segments (parts) for more precise searching

Another document segment is now available when you use the Advanced Search link just above the Red Search Box to access form-based searching. Use the AWARD segment to find specific dollar amounts in Jury Verdicts & Settlements.

Plus, now when you use Advanced Search forms that cover several document types, all segments shared among those types are available in each search form. Updated forms are available for Briefs, Pleadings and Motions; Secondary Sources, Practice Guides and Jurisprudences; Directories; Scientific Materials; and Company & Financial reports.

Finished exploring? Start experiencing.

You’ve seen just a few of the new features and enhancements across Lexis content, innovative tools and leading-edge technology.

Now let’s talk about how we can best apply Lexis content and features to meet the distinct needs of your organization.

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