Benefits of Bundling

It's fast... It's convenient... It's discounted!

The NEW Big 5 Bundle encompasses what is deemed most valuable as you vet your expert

Witness or discredit opposing counsel’s expert. Now you can receive an expert’s Testimonial History, Enhanced Challenge Report and Professional Discipline Search, Articles Naming an Expert, and Articles Written by an Expert—at a discount!

Testimonial History Report

Find experts case histories, often including cases omitted from their CV. Learn how frequently the expert witness testifies, if they have any Plaintiff or Defense bias and the types of cases in which an expert testifies.

Enhanced Challenge Report

Surface any prior or ongoing challenge history with this vital step in expert witness due diligence

Professional Discipline Search

Uncover disciplinary actions taken against the expert by a state licensing board.

Articles Naming an Expert

Would it be valuable to learn if an expert has ever been arrested, indicted or convicted of a serious crime or has ever been guilty of misfeasance, nonfeasance or malfeasance? We search information gathered from thousands of newspapers throughout the world and, if there is something in an experts background that might call the experts character into question, this search can often reveal it.

Articles Written by an Expert

Learning what the expert has written can be an important tool when cross examining the expert. This search provides abstracts of articles and/or books authored by the expert.

Our experienced researchers curate resources, provide testimonial history and even help you find specialty-area experts. And we never represent or endorse any expert. Pursue your agenda. Not ours.